Spitzer R5 Electric Golf Cart Review

Push carts are the traditional, choice baggage carriers of golfers. The carts can take the burden of a heavy golf bag off players’ shoulders, which makes for easier, longer hours of enjoyable play. However, some push carts like the two-wheel kinds can be a tad heavy and it can put tension on golfers’ shoulders as one tries to push and drag the cart along.

Three-wheel push carts were then designed. The addition of the third wheel on the wagon was a game-changer since it permits golfers to push their clubs with minimum tries. Golfers can now concentrate more on their game rather than be bothered by how hefty all their equipment are as they move from one hole to the next.

But then there is another design available which may possibly trump the benefits of the three-wheel push cart. What if a cart can be told where to go and you don’t even have to push it at all? This is how the Spitzer R5 digital golf trolley functions and today we are going to evaluate its worth and list down its advantages and disadvantages over conventional push carts.

Spitzer R5 Electric Golf Cart

Spitzer R5 Digital Remote Control Golf Trolley with Distance Timer - at the golf course

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Spitzer R5 Digital Remote Control Golf Trolley with Distance Timer


The Spitzer R5 electric golf push cart with remote control provides golfers the freedom to walk from one course to another without the strain of lugging around their hefty golf luggage. You do not have to go to a game without leaving any of your choice clubs again for fear of carrying a bothersome set of clubs. Everything can be stored neatly on this trolley.

The cart’s Spitzer Auto-IQ control system makes users set the automatic distance timer. The continuing distance is broadcast on the handle digitally and it has the command to move the trolley for 10, 20 or 30 cm mechanically.

It also has the multi-function remote control with timed advance utilities, manual handle controls, directional controls, emergency functions, soft-coasting stop functions and a 3-Stage battery charge indicator.

Other specifications include the following:

  • Dual 200W (12V DC) Electric motor
  • Premium-sealed Lead Acid (SLA) type battery with 36 holes range
  • 9-Speed selector knob
  • Fully-functional remote with Forward, Reverse, Left, Right and Stop functions
  • Anti-Jamming controller
  • Rubberized Ultra-Grip tread front and rear wheels
  • Smart Charge DC Trickle charger with 100-240V AC and 12V 3A DC
  • Maximum speed of 9 kmh/6 mph
  • Maximum remote distance of 100m/109 yards
  • Maximum incline of 35 degrees
  • Maximum loading of 88 lbs/40 kg
  • Battery LED Indicator lights
  • Frame construction of Mandrel Bent Aluminum Tubing and Tri-Coat Paint System
  • User manual and 1-Year warranty

Spitzer R5 Electric Golf Cart Trolley - specifications overview

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Spitzer R5 Digital Remote Control Golf Trolley with Distance Timer - battery pack Spitzer R5 Digital Remote Control Golf Trolley with Distance Timer - folded up Spitzer R5 Digital Remote Control Golf Trolley with Distance Timer and controls


Spitzer is a British Columbia-based company specializing in the design and production of outdoor and sporting goods like the aforementioned product. The R5 electric golf trolley is one of the favorite push carts among golfers of late and also the company’s most purchased model.

The design team made the model with a frame that is timeless yet strong and efficient and built with a dependable electrical remote system.

Here are some of these electric golf push cart its features that were noted by users:

  • Appearances count

The cart was nicely-designed overall. It has cables which go all throughout its tubing and big console buttons labeled for convenience. For a product which comes with a sizable battery in the middle of the trolley, the designers have successfully created an inclusive design which makes the cumbersome battery complement the entire cart.

  • Highly innovative

The product comes with an electric motor and a remote control to boot, which enables hands-free maneuvering of the trolley. Sure, there are other brands out there who have also employed almost the same innovations as the model, but the push cart, electric motor and the remote control combo pushes this model into an entirely different level.

  • Easy to handle

This Spitzer electric golf push cart is easier to handle than a standard two-wheel golf push cart. This golf trolley gathers points for its straightforward assembly. However, the weight of the battery combined with the overall weight of the cart can prove to be problematic for some. The company has a solution for this though.

The Spitzer R5 has been designed in a way that users, if they decide to take away the wheels, they can simply remove them with just one push of a button. Once taken away, the weight of the cart is now equivalent to those standard push carts. In addition, the procedure of folding and unfolding it also requires minimal effort.


This electric golf cart of Spitzer has a range of speeds that will allow users to decide the speed they are comfortable with. The digital remote control provided is light and easy to handle with one hand, the buttons were ergonomically located and easy to press on. By land, the cart was able to perform nicely on all kinds of terrain, even on wet surfaces.

Battery life is outstanding and charging it was unproblematic too. Additional weight did not bother the cart; in fact it was pretty much secure. To prevent tipping over, the designers placed a convenient wheelie bar to prevent such issues.


Our opinion is that the straps need to be worked on. Golf bags placed in the cart were not always very stable. The plastic base of the cart proved to be slightly problematic because it was slippery when it was raining and the cart’s top bungee component was also too slack. A strap made of Velcro would have been more ideal. Of course replacing the strap for a Velcro strap could be done quite easily by yourself.

This electric golf trolley from Spitzer R5 lacks some sort of storage system unlike traditional golf push carts. The company offers storage units separately, but with the cart’s costly price, the addition of a utility unit would have made the steep price seem justified.

Final Verdict

Spitzer R5 Digital Remote Control Golf Trolley with Distance Timer - best seller

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Granted, the Spitzer R5 electric golf push cart comes with a high price tag, but if you don’t mind investing in a convenient and very functional golf trolley, then this product will benefit your golf game in more ways than one. Your games will be less of a hassle with this around since you have everything you need in one place made more accessible with a remote control.