Electric Golf Push Carts Buying Guide

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Without a doubt putting your clubs together in an electric golf cart is far more convenient, energy and time-saving. You not only save yourself from straining your back, you also get to put those time and effort into more valuable activity than carrying those heavy clubs around the course. Gone are those days when younger players will really have to carry their clubs with them whenever they have to change spots. Electric golf push carts are the golf players’ saving grace as it totally eliminates the need to hurdle those heavy things.

They only have to put all those clubs on their cart and it’ll electronically transport it wherever the player wants it to. It’s sturdy, easy to use and operate and lightweight. If you’re interested in the manual golf push or pull golf carts, check out our golf push carts articles, or for the golf car buggies (electric and gas powered models), read our golf car buggies buying guide.

The top 6 of the best electric golf push carts:

Wheel Design

  • Kolnex JPL 360 Electric Golf Cart


Back then, two-wheeled trolleys ruled the golf cart industry because of its stability and easy maneuverability. It is also a good choice if you don’t like a three-wheeled golf cart. Aside from its stability, two-wheeled golf carts usually have pure hard rubber tires and will take up less battery consumption especially if you’re playing on a flat course.

  • Three-wheeled

These days, three-wheeled golf carts are rampantly sold in the market. They are easy to use and more stable. More golfers prefer this type of golf cart because it gives them the convenience to be walking right next to it and moves really straight and upfront. Most models these days incorporate three-wheeled golf cart with air-filled tires that work well on golf grounds.


  • Aluminum

Aluminum, when used will render the equipment to be lightweight as in the case of your golf carts. Moreover, it slides easily around the course allowing the cart to move easily around.

  • Titanium

Titanium not only makes your golf cart lightweight but it also makes a good material out of it. Its strength gives the electric golf cart the capacity to carry clubs with much ease. However, opting for either of the two materials for your golf cart will mean additional cost on your part.


  • Lithium-ion

Spitzer EL100 Lithium Electric Golf Cart - view of battery pack
Spitzer battery pack

This type of battery is basically new in the market. They come in lighter and won’t discharge fast. However, it only offers lesser range and is more expensive than any other type of battery.

  • Lead Acid

Lead acid type of battery is the conventional type of battery which offers a larger scale of range and offers longer life for your golf cart. They are relatively thicker and heavier as compared to lithium-ion batteries.

How to choose the right golf cart for you?

Buying an electric golf cart can really be time-consuming and overwhelming. The choices are endless and randomly picking one on the basis of only a few factors might disappoint you especially if you’ll find not suitable for your golfing needs. So to help you get started on your list and narrowing it down to really good choices, here are some tips guide you on that process:

  • Features

Cart-tek Remote Control Power Caddie Electric Golf Push Cart - folded up
Cart-tek electric golf cart folded up

The features you want for your golf cart. Remember, the more advanced features you want for a caddy the higher the price it will be. So, if you don’t want to be paying some extra money for those features then it’s best that you’ll settle for what you really need.

If you simply want to have a hauler for your clubs while strutting your game then a manual electric golf cart will just be fine. If you think you want a cart that offers convenience and at the same budget-friendly then a remote-operated caddy is a good option.

Listed below are the common features you’d likely get from most electric golf carts. From this list, you can decide which among them you will really need, you simply want and don’t need.

  • Basic Control Features

    • The variable forward speed which is a basic feature and available to all.
    • Speed Memory feature gives your cart the ability to go back to the walking speed based on the last setting every time it is restarted.
    • Distance Advance allows you to set your electric cart in a specific distance and have it move from you in advance.
    • Electronic brakes help you from being bothered about having carts that will run away especially if you’re climbing up or down a hill.
    • Cruise Control keeps the speed of your cart at a certain limit even if it’s going up and down.
    • Free-Wheeling has a disengaging power that allows it to move and work as you would do in a push cart.
  • Advanced Features

    • Smart Start allows you to set your electric golf cart in your preferred condition.
    • Torque Control reduces jerking episodes of your golf cart giving it a smooth start and stop.
    • Speed Settings gives you the ability to set speed settings at your preferred rate.
    • Descent Control gives you the ability to set the speed of your cart when descending.
    • Electronic Tracking feature allows you to program the cart according to the type and characteristic of the course you are playing.
    • Automatic Shut off is an advanced feature wherein the electric golf cart automatically shuts itself off after 40 seconds of no commands or response.
  • Other Features

    • Diagnostic Information provides solutions to problems that might occur on your electric golf cart.
    • Battery charge indicator lets you know how long you can still use your cart.
    • LED displays inform you of the cart’s status without the need to check on them every now and then.
  • Performance

Bat-Caddy X3R Electric Golf Cart Caddy - silver left
Bat-Caddy Electric Golf Cart

The performance of your electric golf cart doesn’t have to be its ability to roam around the course with you but rather its ability to carry and transport the clubs. Among the parameters you have to check include: Operating Range or the number of holes you get to play with your golf cart still running using a single-charged battery, Climb Capability or the degree of the slope it can climb and its Carrying Capacity or its maximum carry weight.

Other factors to consider as well when it comes to performance are the golf cart’s motor size in terms of battery power in Amp-Hours, watts and battery weight. 175 watts of battery power is already adequate for most golf courses. Flat courses normally will need a battery power that ranges from ~20 Ah to ~ 40 Ah but for hilly courses, it’s best that you look for batteries that are rated somewhere between 30-40 Ah.

  • Drive Wheels

Because it is a transporter, you must also be looking into the electric golf cart’s drive wheels. Basically, conventional golf carts have only front-wheel drives. This makes the cart susceptible to slippage especially when going up in a hill and fewer chances on tipping over when descending or reversing. If you’re opting for rear-wheel drive golf cart, choose the one that has anti-tip rear so you won’t have to worry about it when ascending on hilly areas.

There’s also this choice between single or dual-drive wheels. Single drive wheels give you the confidence of just playing your game without having to worry about your clubs because there’s only a few to control. However with a single drive wheel power is generally limited. On the other hand, a dual-drive wheel does the same independently. This gives the wheels more power and more affordable.

  • Few more factors to consider

Other than these basic things you need to figure out first before buying your golf cart, there are more considerations you might want to include in your checklist:

  • Kolnex JPL 360 Electric Golf Cart - red
    Kolnex Electric Golf Cart

    Design and materials

As always you have to choose the product that can really deliver. Buy that golf cart that is sturdy and at the same time lightweight. There are different types of frames and materials that golf carts can be made of and most of the time they come in with a price tag.

  • Foldability

Of course, you would want a golf cart that is not only strong and lightweight but can also fit inside your car snugly. You can choose a cart that you still want to set up or a cart that you just want to fold. It depends, just as long as you can bring it with you inside your car without taking too much space.

  • Weight

Your golf cart cannot be programmed to climb itself up inside your car and down to get out of your car. You will have to lift it up to get it in or out of your car. To keep the convenience going, know first the weight of your electric golf cart. The weight should already include the batteries in it.

  • Handle

Essentially, choosing an electric golf cart based on its handle shouldn’t be much of a concern. However, it still is worthy of your consideration because you will still have to use its handles every now and then. Choose those that are easy to operate and maneuver. Get yourself familiarized on the handle-mounted controls.

  • Accessories

Not really necessary but if you want to have additional features that you want to be included in your cart then it’s worth putting this factor as part of your buying guide.

  • Warranty

A wise buyer sure looks into the product’s warranty. Look for an electronic golf cart that covers at least a year of warranty. Your golf cart goes through a lot even for a day’s play and given the conditions it has to go through (the different courses and the unpredictable weather) it is more prone to wearing out.

  • After sales service

Another worth considering when buying an electronic golf cart is its after-sales services. The best way to check if the product you are planning to buy has good quality customer service is through reviews.

Customer service is essential in choosing an electric golf course in that you have to be sure that there will be someone who will help you with whenever you need technical support.

Now we’ve given you all the advice you need about electric push golf carts, let’s explain a bit about the types of golf push and pull carts.

Types of Golf Carts

  • Manual Golf Carts

CaddyTek EZ-Fold 3 WheelThe light and budget-friendly, these are some of the good things you’d like about this type of golf cart. It can carry a normal golf bag placed at the front of the trolley. Opting for a 2-wheeled manual will require you to pull the cart behind you while a 3-wheeled manual will allow you to push and pull the cart.

Look for a stable and strong golf cart that is also lightweight. Do check as well if it can be easily folded and fit into your car for easy storage.

  • Remote Controlled Electric Carts

As the name suggests, this type of golf cart is controlled by a small remote control and are capable of moving back and forth as well as turning left and right. If you choose to buy a remote-controlled trolley, consider first its safety features and the range of the remote connection to the cart.

One good advantage of having a remotely powered golf cart is that you don’t have to be close to where it is because you can control it even from a short distance.

  • Electric Carts

No, this type of golf cart is not remotely controlled. Actually, it almost has the same capacity as with the remotely powered golf cart except that you don’t have a remote control to control its movements. You simply have to press its button to let it go forward or backward.

Advanced electric carts come in with an advanced feature wherein you can instruct it to move ahead 10 to 30 yards ahead. They almost have the same size as with remote carts but are less expensive.

Electric golf carts have paved the way for a more carefree and enjoyable golf playing. Although picking one based on few good reviews is a good way when shopping for a golf cart, it is always best that you choose the one that will suit everything that you need and want – something that really suits your preferences. After all, you will be enjoying the perks of what your electronic golf cart has to bring. So choose wisely.