TaylorMade Catalina Golf Cart Bag

TaylorMade Catalina Golf Bag Review

Golf is a popular sport among men and women. It is a leisure activity that can be enjoyed by teenagers and old folks alike. However, like any other sport out there, it has its downsides. Those clubs are heavy, and as participants of this highly-enjoyed game, we have to bring our gear around with us all the time, from one golf course to another location.

Avid golfers must keep their clubs organized, packed and ready at all times. Therefore, they need the help of a sturdy yet handy bag they can take along on the range or while coasting the executive course. TaylorMade has yet again made a carrier designed especially for people who especially love the sport. Now you can tote all of your golf clubs in one place with the help of the Catalina golf bag.

TaylorMade Catalina Golf Bag

TaylorMade Catalina Golf Cart Bag

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The TaylorMade Catalina cart bag is a tough, well-made bag that is designed with convenient features. It measures 10” x 12” and weighs 2.45 kg. It has a large integrated putter well and is push-cart compatible to boot.

This push-cart ready feature means that the bag will hold fast and secure once placed on trolleys. The carrier also has a one shoulder strap, an opening grab handle and a base grab handle that will make lifting the bag in and out of vehicle fast and easy.

Here are more features of the Catalina golf bag:

  • 2 valuables pockets with velour lining
  • 2 double-zippered garment pockets
  • 3 accessories pockets
  • rangefinder pocket
  • cooler pocket
  • ball and tee pockets
  • water-resistant umbrella slot
  • rain hood
TaylorMade Catalina Golf Cart Bag - top side detail TaylorMade Catalina Golf Cart Bag - club divider


TaylorMade had been in the business since it was founded by Gary Adams in 1979, crafting superb-quality golf clubs, carriers and golf accessories.

It is a subsidiary of the Adidas Group and is presently the biggest manufacturer of golf equipment and clothing in the world. Their success grew with the introduction of metal drivers for golf clubs and has been embraced by enthusiasts of the sport since then. Aside from hardy clubs, the company also makes durable golf bags like the abovementioned model.

Golf as a sport requires plenty of walking and bringing along heavy equipment, that’s why a good carrier for your clubs and other accessories is crucial. It has to be light yet crush-resistant, with a design that’s not too cumbersome. The Catalina cart bag was specifically created by the brand to target players of the sport who need a bag that’s regular-sized yet can hold all of their golf clubs in one place.

Here are the features which made said model stand out from the pack:

  • The model is just the right size for golfers who do not want to lug around large or tour-sized bags and will also benefit enthusiasts who love to travel. Its built is large enough to contain all of your golf clubs yet handy and convenient enough to tote anywhere you please.
  • Others have praised the bag for its pockets. It has a total of nine pockets and includes three situated in the front for easier access to your goods. It has two broad side pockets, two garment pockets, a pocket located at the top, a velour-lined pocket for your valuables and, for those who can’t part with their beer, also features a cooler that can hold 5 cans of your favorite tipple.

With the exception of the valuables pocket, all pockets are covered with a smooth material. Lastly, the ball pocket, which can be found in the bottom front of the bag is detachable as well.

  • The model has 14 individual club openings and this ensures that you will not forget any single club in your possession.

The network of the slots are as follows: there are 4 slots on each side, then 3 situated in the middle, 2 slots located at the back and lastly, you will see a putter slot right in front. You can set the clubs you use frequently on the side slots, while the ones you barely use can be put in the back.

  • Apart from its assortment of pockets, the zippers are well-crafted. You will not hit snags with this one. There are opening grab and base grab handles so you can easily lift and transfer the bag out of your car.
  • The bag is made of lightweight yet sturdy material. It has a square-shaped base which is tremendously dense. You can place it anywhere, over trolleys and even the putting green, and it won’t tip over.

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TaylorMade Catalina Golf Cart Bag - side pockets


The Catalina cart bag of TaylorMade Golf amassed a good amount of points because of its sturdy features and its assortment of convenient pockets, the craftsmanship and the materials used in designing such a product. If you are a devoted golfer who’s always mobile and needs to play the game to relax and have fun once in a while, then this light yet durable product is for you.


The dividers for the club slots did not go all the way to the bottom. There’s only a single partition separating each row. For the 14 clubs you can place inside, there are only 5 openings or slots. This can be an annoyance to some golfers because one might have to wiggle a club first before it goes right inside the slot.

Last but not least, the cooler pocket was rather placed in an inconvenient location. Opening the pocket can be difficult if the bag was placed beside another carrier.

Final Verdict

TaylorMade Catalina Golf Cart Bag TaylorMade Catalina Golf Cart Bag

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They say the choice of a carrier to use is up to the consumer’s likes and needs and with this model, the pros have outweighed the cons so far. It is a durable model that is highly-functional and meets the needs of golfers everywhere.

Crush-resistant and able to withstand wear and tear, this product will guard your goods. Other than that, it is a regular-sized bag yet it can store a number of your gear ranging from your clubs down to your umbrella. The TaylorMade Catalina cart bag was designed with golfers in mind, so for an investment, it’s absolutely worth it.