Spitzer EL100 Lithium Electric Golf Cart - view of battery pack

Spitzer EL100 Lithium Electric Golf Cart Review

The EL100 electric golf trolley is perfect for carrying a set of golf clubs and accessories. The reason behind it is to make things easier for golfers to move and walk in golf courses. Being an electric golf cart, you need less energy to maneuver than a manual golf cart. This also eliminates the need for you to hire a caddie to carry your bag.

Spitzer EL100 Lithium Electric Golf Cart

Spitzer EL100 Lithium Electric Golf Cart

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These days, electric golf carts are preferred because they do not pollute the environment and their lack of noise. Due to environmental issues, these carts have become a popular vehicle by many golfers. It is a simple mode of transportation to get you around the course.

You can see a lot of them being used to travel around the surrounding area due to their slow speed. This kind of cart lessens on the amount of time that a golfer would spend to complete a round of the game.

This is where the Spitzer EL100 electric golf cart enters the picture. The power of lithium ion and the technology of Spitzer electric golf cart are the perfect partnership of modern technology and golf equipment.

The lithium ion battery delivers the power and variety of lead-acid batteries while being 75 percent lighter in weight. The EL100 trolley offers you the convenience to walk around the course minus the hassle of carrying a heavy golf bag, which results in a more focused and pleasant game.

Are you the kind of person who does not enjoy hauling your clubs and equipment around when playing a game of golf? If so, consider investing in a reliable electric golf cart like the Spitzer EL100.

This battery powered cart is especially designed to transport your golf clubs, bag and equipment to enable you to maximize your time on the course, ultimately saving the money you may have spent on using a caddie. Here are its specifications:

  • Compact and lightweight, but sturdy enough to maneuver on rough grounds and hills
  • Battery Indicator LED Lights
  • Variable speed adjustment to match your unique walking speed
  • Resume last speed with a push of the “Go” Button
  • Cruise Function
  • The Lithium-ion battery technology can last for an entire 18 holes of championship golf course
  • Double tubular engines that easily move around the course
  • About 5 seconds of folding and unfolding of body frame
  • Aviation Grade Aluminum Tubing “X-Frame”
  • SPITZER AUTO-IQ Logic control system
  • Two Tubular Electric Motor
 Spitzer EL100 Lithium Electric Golf Cart - specifications features Spitzer EL100 Lithium Electric Golf Cart - disassembled and folded up


An electric golf cart is usually a favorite of many golfers more than a gas powered cart as it is more environmentally safe, which means no more gas emission and fuel burning. As the awareness about global warming is growing, a great number of are switching toward fuel efficient means of transportation.

Here are a few reasons why the Spitzer EL100 is a good choice:

  • Convenience is perhaps the best part of the Spitzer EL100 is that it reduces a great deal of stress on the physique of the golfer. The convenience of transporting the golf clubs and other equipment all over the course without carrying the entire load, takes a lot off the mind of the player.
    Before, using an electric golf cart was actually considered an unnecessary luxury but certainly not today, as more and more players have realized that utilizing this motorized vehicle has considerably improved their game.
  • Wheels are a vital part of an electric golf cart as it determines the ability of the unit to get around various kinds of terrain as well as its balance. The EL100 comes with three wheels to give the right balance, most especially when you need to stand the cart on a slope. A three-wheel trolley moves easily in a straight line, and it rarely damages a golf course due to its special tires.
  • Ease of assembling is another integral factor to consider when purchasing an electric golf cart. The Spitzer EL100 has detachable constructions in several parts. It can also be folded and unfolded in as fast as 5 seconds. Its speed and comfort are guaranteed to suit your demand.

Maintenance is one more feature that is crucial in this unit. It is an easy to clean, no-fuss transport that can make your life much easier than the one that requires more constant cleaning. The EL100 also boasts a lengthy battery performance.

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Spitzer EL100 Lithium Electric Golf Cart - fits golf bags


Many golf players are satisfied with this electric cart because of its ease of assembly and functionality. They consider this motorized cart as durable and simple. The speed controls are extremely useful, with its on/off buttons and speed knob.

The one handle on the right side is easy to get a hang of it. It also functions well when going uphill or on steep sided hills. It also does not tip. The users are happy even by the 18th hole, as they are walking next to the Spitzer EL100 hands-free.


Some users of the EL100 electric golf cart from Spitzer think that the card holder is quite small and does not include the score card. The players also think that the umbrella and water bottle holder are rather clunky. Moreover, its manual should also be updated and the procedures of operation need to be explained clearly.

Final Verdict

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Golf is a game of perseverance and patience. It needs plenty of physical and mental endurance to be able to withstand the time during the entire round up to 18 holes. Usually, the ability of the players to last through such difficult rounds determines the winner. For this reason, most golf players try just about every trick in the book to help keep themselves free of any kind of stress on their bodies and minds.

One major aspect that stands in the way of this is by carrying a heavy golf bag. This bag holds the golf clubs and various other golfing accessories needed to improve the game. On a regular game of golf, the bag can weigh over 15 kilograms, which can be a heavy weight to carry.

Therefore, the Spitzer EL100 electric golf cart comes as a great advantage to a lot of golfers. With this cart, the ease of traveling and its effect to perform well in the game can now be enjoyed.