Bushnell Hybrid GPS Rangefinder Review

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GPS technology seems to be applied to many different parts of life these days, and this even includes a game of golf.  A laser golf rangefinder, like the Bushnell Hybrid GPS, is an investment that any aspiring or even professional golfer should look into, and with the integrated GPS technology this rangefinder has, it’s even better. These devices are even legal for golf tournaments, though you should double check to make sure.

There are many uses for this gadget, which we will discuss into further detail in a bit. You can use it to map out a golf course in pinpoint detail. No longer will you run into an unexpected hazard, or guess which route will take you to your destination the fastest. The Bushnell Hybrid GPS can do it all and more. Let’s look at this handy device and see what it does.

Bushnell Hybrid GPS Rangefinder

Bushnell Hybrid GPS laser golf rangefinder

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Bushnell Hybrid GPS laser golf rangefinder - great comboThis rangefinder breaks the mold by including laser and GPS abilities. Let’s discuss the GPS capabilities first. It can take the yardages and display them in using many different viewpoints. It’s preloaded with a whopping 36,000 and counting courses, which come from 30 countries. The list of courses is always updating, and you can use Bluetooth to keep your device up to date. The GPS also has about four hazard distances every hole, so you can see what’s coming before it takes your ball.

As for the laser itself, it uses different technologies such as PinSeeker and Jolt. This makes the laser user-friendly and as accurate as it possibly can be. The laser has 400 yards of range to the golf flag, and can magnify up to 5x.

Another spec that makes this gadget interesting is that it uses two different power sources. For the laser, it uses your standard CR2 battery. For the GPS, it’s charged using USB. This allows you to use one without worrying about draining the other. It does come with two CR2 batteries, so your laser will always be shining.

Finally, the product does come with a set of stylish American eagle ball markers. While not a part of the main specs, it’s worth noting.

Bushnell Hybrid GPS laser golf rangefinder - specs
Bushnell Hybrid GPS laser golf rangefinder - distances and hazards


The Bushnell Hybrid is the first rangefinder to include GPS technology, which is its main selling point. Some golfers may be content with a standard or budget rangefinder, but for those who want as much detail as possible about their course, GPS is the way to go.

The list of courses the GPS recognizes is ever-growing, and you can be able to update your device by connecting it via Bluetooth to an app. Every so often, you do want to keep it updated so that it can load more courses or make changes to the courses it already has. We enjoyed being able to know the courses before we played them, and it was quite easy to use. No matter your age, you won’t be confused while using this product.

What about its laser? The many technologies the laser uses do show whenever you’re measuring the course. Whenever you’re seeing how far that flagpole is, the PinSeeker technology lets you know when you’re close. You don’t have to take it out over and over to make sure you’re in range. With that said, the range the laser can measure is quite far, and many who use it will be satisfied.

Bushnell Hybrid GPS laser golf rangefinder - 5x magnificationHowever, as the rangefinder is a hybrid, some of the more advanced laser features, like slope measuring, are not included. If you insist in slope compensation, check out the Bushnell Pro X2, Bushnell V4 slope or the GolfBuddy LR7S.

We can’t forget about its durability. When golfing, you always want to make sure that the rangefinder can withstand accidental drops, balls flying at it, or a little bit of rain. Luckily, the Hybrid is quite durable. It’s waterproof, so if it rains or if you accidentally drop it in a water hazard, you need not fret. It has a tough casing that protects it from blows. No matter how careful you are, there is always room for an accident, and it’s quite forgiving in that front. However, with its grip, you will not drop the rangefinder very often.

Also, the Hybrid is legal during a golf tournament. When you’re playing in a tournament, you need to know the ins and outs of a course, and the Hybrid will help you do so. Of course, you should talk to the hosts and double check if the Hybrid is legal, as rules can always change. To check out more features, read the owner’s manual here.


Bushnell Hybrid GPS laser golf rangefinder - featuresWhile this is a fantastic rangefinder, it does have a few drawbacks. First, the battery on the GPS isn’t as stellar as many golfers would hope for. Battery life can vary depending on many different factors, but no matter what we did, the battery wouldn’t last for more than a couple of rounds before it needed charging again. This is a rangefinder you want to make sure is charged before you play your game.

Also, the rangefinder lacks the ability to slope switch. For golfers who have trouble dealing with slopes, this may be a bit of a problematic flaw in the Hybrid GPS, but the other features it includes more than makes up for it.

Finally, being a hybrid and the fact that GPS technology is still new to laser rangefinders, it’s pricy. Due to its high price point, it’s an investment when compared to other rangefinders. However, you do get what you pay for, and those who want a little more detail in their courses will be glad they spent every penny.

Final Verdict

Bushnell Hybrid GPS Rangefinder

Bushnell Hybrid golf rangefinder - with GPS and laser

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This is a beast of a rangefinder. With a GPS that is always improving, you can know your courses beforehand and not have to learn through trial and error. Your skills at the golf course will rise exponentially as you learn how to map out the courses and have fewer strokes to make the hole.

Whether you golf for fun or you do it for sport, you’ll want to invest in the Bushnell Hybrid GPS. If you’re competing in a tournament, this baby can make your game. It’s an all-around amazing device that will add more depth to your game, whether you’re new or a veteran.

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