Lofthouse ProScope 400x golf rangefinder with case

Best Budget Golf Rangefinders

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned player, a golf rangefinder is a perfect device that will make your golf playing a lot easier and fun. These devices provide players with accurate yardage that will help you make that necessary decision.

Golf rangefinders need not to cost a lot because they are actually being sold in the market that features premium qualities at a really affordable price. If you are looking for a budget golf rangefinder, then you have come to the right place because listed below are the top-rated rangefinders that is not only according to their price but also because of its high accuracy and good quality.

Nikon Coolshot 40i provides the user with accurate readings when it comes to measuring distances and focusing objects. It has been equipped with an 18mm Ocular Lens that allows the device to provide fast and accurate results and at the same time relieving the user from eye strain.

It also features Pin seeking technology that perfectly scans all the objects it passes by and a First Priority Mode that helps the player to determine which target is the nearest. The First Priority feature may also be used in measuring distance from flagstick.

And the best thing about Nikon Coolshoot 40i is that it’s actually one of the cheapest!

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This rangefinder is already a good buy given that it’s one of the affordable rangefinders in the market. Aside from it being budget golf rangefinder, this device provides premium features that you’d seldom find in a budget product. Here are some of its best features:

  • Dual Mode – a feature that allows the user to choose a certain way on how you want to focus on your target. You can make use of its Flag Seeking Feature to keep an eye on your target or use the Scan Mode to go through the entire course.
  • 6x Magnification – This rangefinder has the ability to magnify 6x and can take the range of a certain object that can be as far as 440 yards.
  • PinSensor 3 – the most advanced in PinSensor technology, the rangefinder is able to see a target even a certain object is overlapping it.
  • Intelliscan – it makes use of its radar system to provide you with accurate distance measurements from your spot to your target.
  • Water Resistant – Another good feature is its ability to withstand weather conditions. This simply means that you can still use it even when there is rain.

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The cheapest laser rangefinder in the market, the Nikon 8397 garnered positive reviews not only because of its affordability but also because of its user-friendly features.

It’s compact – a device you can easily slip inside your pocket. It’s small enough that it almost has the measurements as your palm and it’s lightweight, too!

This rangefinder is pretty intuitive and only uses simple operations to get accurate readings. It also features a Distant Target Priority Mode that displays the farthest among the many targeted measurements. It has 6x magnification feature and makes use of a 20 mm objective lens.

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Another affordable rangefinder that is sold for a very competative price is able to cover up to 400 yards. It has 6x magnification, Pin Seeking mode that locks on the flag and Scan mode that allows you to run through the course for constant ranging. It is battery operated, uses 1 CR2 Lithium Ion Battery and is water resistant. This golf rangefinder is also allowed to use at professional golf competitions.

The rangefinders listed above are in no particular order. They are specially noted not only because they offer the most affordable prices in the market, but also because they have extra-ordinary features that’ll ease things for golf players – whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro.

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Golf Rangefinders Defined

Golf Rangefinders look like a single-lens binocular that has been equipped with everything that you will need to determine yardage. It’s a handy electric device that’ll give you accurate measurements from your point to your specific target and is best used when you’re aiming for the pin, trying to avoid a hazard or preparing for the tee. It actually is relieving you from doing that mental math.

Its ergonomic design makes it easy for the player to use it. You simply just have to look through its lenses and target on the course and then push its trigger. This electronic device will then do the calculation, which when done will give you its calculated distance on its display.

The major advantage of a golf rangefinder over a golf GPS watch is that you can aim and ‘shoot’ to a feature or hazard on the course and get the exact distance to it compared to a GPS watch that will only show you distances to pre-loaded features and the flagpole.

Things to Consider When Buying Golf Rangefinders

Golf rangefinders are definitely game changes. It had made things easier for the player without them having to rely too much on the electric devices.

There are numerous golf rangefinders in the market, with each of them promising good and enticing features. Looking for the right rangefinder for you can really be overwhelming. To help you narrow your long list of rangefinders (Nikon, Lofthouse), here are some factors on what you should be looking for in a rangefinder:

  • Size. When it comes to size, you should be able to decipher how big or small your rangefinder would be. Would you go for the one that may be easily slipped inside your pocket or the one that you want to keep inside your golf bag?
  • Battery Life. Power source is of prime importance especially when you’re already on the course. You may opt to have a rangefinder that is powered by a battery or the one with a rechargeable feature.
  • Accuracy/Range. Above everything else, you must choose the rangefinder the gives you accurate information, otherwise you would be spending for nothing. When it comes to accuracy, you better choose the one that has a reputable name that has been proven to give satisfying, if not, excellent readings.

If you are a newbie or just simply playing it, a cheaper golf rangefinder just might do. There are actually rangefinders that are sold for around a hundred dollars that doesn’t feel, look or work cheap. But, if you want premium features and money is not a problem then you better be looking on the top-of-the line golf rangefinders.