Precision Pro Golf GPS Band - midnight blue and white colors

Precision Pro Golf GPS Band Review

When the first golf GPS watch was announced, players probably wondered and were surprised how such a tiny device can fit so many features. Some may even have assumed it couldn’t get any smaller. But, the Precision Pro golf GPS band dares to say otherwise.

Slimmer than your average golf GPS watch, this new product aims to make your golfing experience a lot more effortless, not to mention less bulky. Although a golf GPS watch doesn’t weight that much to begin with, having an even lighter version never hurts. In fact, this golf GPS band feels more comfortable, while still achieving the primary function of a GPS golf device.

Precision Pro Golf GPS Band

Precision Pro Golf GPS Band - midnight blue and white colors

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Precision Pro Golf GPS Band - accurate thinner lighter comfortable


Right out the box, the Precision Pro golf GPS band comes with 35,000 preloaded golf courses across the globe, which doesn’t require any subscription fees or mandatory downloads. Even with its small size, you can still access 4 different hazards per hole, which you can toggle with the side buttons.

It has automated course recognition and hole advancement. In GPS/golf mode, you can get around 8 hours of total battery life, while in regular watch mode you get up to 52 weeks. Speaking of which, this device is rechargeable via USB connection. It also has an accurate shot distance measurement, a 32-ft waterproof rating, and is totally approved by the USGA.

Precision Pro Golf GPS Band - specifications and features

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Precision Pro Golf GPS Band - slim design and easy to use Precision Pro Golf GPS Band - great features tee time Precision Pro Golf GPS Band - activity tracker run walk

Precision Pro Golf GPS Band - features and specificationsFeatures

The biggest appeal of Precision Pro’s golf GPS band is perhaps its lightweight build. Weighing only at 1.2 oz., you’ll barely feel this golf GPS device on your wrist. This will free your arm with half the bulk that most GPS watches comes with, thus adding more flexibility into your swing approach.

Players that normally don’t wear watches, whether in-game or on a regular day, may even find this lighter alternative enticing, instead of just relying on bulkier rangefinders and other handheld golf GPS devices. Truly, it doesn’t get any lighter than this.

Just like mentioned above, this golf GPS band by Precision Pro also comes preloaded with 35,000 international courses. This allows you to use the device as soon as it’s fully charged. No need for application downloads, mandatory updates, and membership fees. Just wear it, and play as soon as you’re available.

However, there are some rare occasions that course information mismatch can happen. But, you can easily remedy this by going to Precision Pro’s dedicated course database site and refer your currently played course. Moreover, if your course happens to be not included in the list, which is quite uncommon, then you can request for it to be added.

This device also has two notable automatic features, namely: auto course recognition and auto hole advancement. The former feature will simply look for the closest courses near your location, so you can easily find the right course and begin playing.

The latter function on the other hand will automatically change the on-screen data for the next hole, after you’ve reached your current target. You can also manually change the hole information if you’re not playing in order, or if you started in the middle.

Distances to hazards is still possible in this tiny device, but is only limited to up to 4 of the nearest ones to your target. However, the biggest drawback with this feature on a device that is limited in display size, is that full hazard names are impossible to indicate, which is to be expected. The gadget tries to compensate for this by abbreviating up to 21 different hazard names. This might a bit of practice in the beginning but after a few holes you will remember all the common abbreviations for the hazards.

When it comes to viability on the game field, this Precision Pro golf GPS band is deemed legal by the USGA, meaning you can wear and use it whether on amateur or tournament plays. However, do keep in mind that each golf course club has its own set of rules. So, you should still consult with the club you belong to, on whether they allow this type of device on the course.

For more of the product’s build, the Precision Pro golf GPS band is also waterproof. And unlike some golf GPS watches that are only capable of resisting drizzles and slight moisture, this particular device can survive submersion of up to 32 feet. Therefore, even when there’s a sudden downpour, or if you accidentally drop the unit in water, you can be sure that the band stays operational.

In terms of battery life, this golf GPS device is said to last up to 8 hours in golf mode, as claimed by Precision Pro. Such duration is more than enough to get you through one average round. And although common average time to finish one round is about 4 hours, squeezing two rounds on one single charge is possible for this compact GPS band.

When you do switch the device in regular watch mode, you can extend the battery life to 52 weeks. In this mode, you get typical information such as time and date. But, apart from these, the device also has a built-in odometer that measures your travelled distance, so you can monitor your fitness when not playing.

Finally, you also get a 1 year warranty upon your initial purchase of the device. This entitles you with a quick unit replacement whenever your current device experiences some defect during normal use. But, user-inflicted damage to the product may void any given contract privileges.

How To Use The Precision Pro Golf GPS Band

Precision Pro GPS band - measurements to flag and hazardsTo start off, this GPS band of Precision Pro has a notification feature wherein you’ll be alerted of your next tee time, ensuring that you stay on schedule. This will also prevent any delays on field, and will encourage you to contribute to the smooth flow of the course, for you and for other players.

Once you’re on location, you can start cueing the Play Golf mode of the unit, which will, as mentioned above, give you the list of the nearest courses out of the 35,000 preloaded ones. This will only take a minute or so, but some users have managed to find their courses in just under a minute.

After selecting your corresponding course, the gadget will automatically display the first hole. You can also manually browse all available holes on the course via the side buttons, which is useful if you start on a different hole.

When you’re on the tee and out 250 yards, the Precision Pro band will show the full distance to the hole. But, once you get inside the 250 yard zone, the device will start displaying distances to the front, middle, and back, of the green, which will also be updated automatically as you move closer or farther.

You can also cycle through up to four hazards near your target. However, all danger zones are abbreviated due to the limited screen size of the band. Please refer to the manual to check all 21 hazard terms. Furthermore, there’s also a Shot Distance mode you can use to see how far your shot has travelled.

Final Verdict 

Precision Pro Golf GPS Band - handsome and easy to use

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Precision Pro was already enthusiastically welcomed at the launch of the Nexus golf rangefinder, which is a high-tech laser rangefinder for a very affordable price. This Precision Pro golf band has been designed with the same idea as the Nexus rangefinder: great technology for an affordable price! The features and specifications you get with this handsome and light golf band are amazing and did surprise many serious golfers. Precision Pro can compete with other well-known golf brands like Bushnell and Garmin!

If you want the lightest golf GPS device you can wear on your wrist, then this Precision Pro golf GPS band will appeal to you greatly. It’s also affordable and easy to use. And even though it doesn’t have the higher end features that you will find in the much more expensive golf GPS watches, this golf GPS band still yields precise distances in every part of the course. This Precision Pro is certainly a golf GPS to consider!

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