6 Best Golf GPS Watches

Golfers who are tired of guesstimating to hone their technique can deal with that problem by means of a GPS watch designed for providing you the most accurate information regarding distances to the hole, (water) hazards and sand bunkers. In order to keep your score on point, you have to know how to prowl around bunkers, avoid water hazards and layups and be acquainted with your distance from the pin. This you can do all with the help of the golf GPS watch.

Top 6 Golf GPS Watches

There are plenty of models available on the market today, and the 6 units listed here are just some of the most coveted because of their features, durability, and design.

  • GolfBuddy WT5

GolfBuddy WT5 Golf GPS Watch - two color optionsThe WT5 comes in a slim form and features a straightforward black and white LCD, weighing at 2.3 ounces. Users can get 8 hours of use from the model with a rechargeable battery, according to the company. The model includes 4 buttons which users can employ to get the distances to the front, center, and back of the course plus hazards and targets.

The unit also includes a scorecard and lets users calculate shot distances. Features come in the form of preloaded courses (37,000 worldwide courses all in all, for free), a Dynamic Green View (lets users change the yardages where the pin is positioned, done by Pin Placement Technology), Short Tracking Feature, Auto-Course and Hole Recognition, Watch Mode and Distance to Targets and Hazards.

This golf GPS watch comes in black/blue and white/orange color combinations.

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  • Garmin Approach S2

Garmin Approach S2 golf gps watchThe Approach S2 includes yardage measuring features plus preloaded courses from all parts of the globe. It also includes a feature, which can update a course without relying on extra support or software/device.

The model is actually one of the most stylish in the market. It was designed in a sense that it looks like a designer watch fresh from a seasonal collection so no doubt about it, the device will not only make your game easier, it will also improve your fashion sense on the green.

The unit comes in 4 color combinations; white/purple, black/red, black/green and white.

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  • Garmin Approach S6

Garmin Approach S6 golf GPS watch - light, dark, black-orange colorsThe Approach S6 comes with a circular LCD display plus 4 buttons. Users can do anything on the watch by means of the touchscreen display but the 4 buttons are also convenient. It weighs 1.6 ounces and includes a rechargeable lithium battery promising a 10-hour life on GPS mode.

This golf watch comes with 30,000 preloaded international golf courses and also features an Auto-Advance function so users can progress to the next hole in the course of a game. It also includes Stat Tracking, which follows a user’s stats during a round. This helpful feature actually lets golfers calculate shot yardage and measure distances whenever a golfer swings.

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  • SkyCaddie LinxVue

SkyCaddie LinxVue Golf GPS Watch - Black WhiteThe LinxVue, another innovation from SkyGolf, lets users coordinate their smartphone wirelessly with the device by means of the SkyCaddie Mobile GPS application that the company promises will work out perfectly. It includes 35,000 of preloaded global courses plus an expanded view on your phone.

The Mobile GPS app of the device lets users employ the GPS engine of the device so both can stay coordinated on the same course, hole and accurate location through high-definition graphics.

The unit also comes with IntelliGreen Technology plus a preloaded SkyGolf True Ground Target List so users can locate accurate yardages to water spots, bunkers down to layups.

This golf GPS watch comes in a selection of black and white colors.

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  • Bushnell Neo XS

Bushnell Neo Xs Golf GPS Watch - white charcoal blackThe Neo XS has a circular form, which makes it look more like a stylish wristwatch, which is a definite plus for hip golf enthusiasts. It includes features like the Auto-Advance, wherein the device will mechanically progress to the subsequent hole. However, players can also switch holes themselves by employing the device’s integrated up and down buttons (Auto-Advance cannot be deactivated though.)

The unit has an odometer, which can calculate the overall distance users have exercised, the speed in MPH plus the overall time. Besides the GPS attributes, the device also includes similar functions of a standard watch like the alarm, stopwatch and the countdown timer.

The golf watch comes in white, charcoal and black color options and also includes over 33,000 preloaded courses from a mishmash of countries all over.

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The Comparison

Now that the top 6 was laid out, it is time for a comparison of all golf GPS watch models. All devices were tried out and evaluated in terms of prices, technology and ease of use.

  • Price

SkyCaddie LinxVue Golf GPS Watch Rangefinder - distance for layupThe Garmin Approach S6 is so far the most expensive among the lot and the GolfBuddy CT2 is the most affordable, with the others slated in between the two. As we all know, the more features and functions a gadget has, the more expensive it is, and it’s pretty much the case for the Approach S6.

It has features not found on the other models like the SwingStrength function, which can measure a user’s force in terms of the way he or she swings their clubs. This is an important feature that will truly help a player cope and improve his technique.

However, the model’s costly price will put a damper on discerning golfers who are concerned with their budget. If the price intimidates, you can also check out others from the golf GPS watches top 6.

  • Technology

Garmin Approach S6 Golf GPS Watch - Black-orangeThe SkyCaddie LinxVue is probably the most advanced in terms of GPS technology when compared with the other models. It is the only model, which can be synched with a player’s smartphone by means of SkyGolf’s Mobile GPS application. In addition, it has IntelliGreen technology, a feature that provides players a sharp, precise view of every green anywhere on the course.

Merging smartphone and golf GPS watch functions offers players a straightforward view of the complete hole and with just a single tap on the touchscreen, players can calculate to any point on the whole or in case he or she wants to see geographically referenced targets, the user can merely jot down and zoom the holes to view more. In addition, the LinxVue and the application are coordinated seamlessly with Bluetooth technology.

Other models like the Approach S6 has the PinPointer, a feature which offers players blind shot assistance. The Approach S6 though, shares several attributes with the LinxVue; both models are able to get emails, texts and other alerts straight to the watch.

Both the Neo XS and the GolfBuddy CT2 include an odometer, a function which players can also use other than playing golf.

Both the Approach S2 and the WT5 feature digital scorecards so players will have the chance to actually assess their scores and view more data related to their game.

  • Ease of Use

GolfBuddy WT5 Golf GPS Watch - distance to greenSo far most of the devices were easy to use but a few weren’t straightforward and users need more time to get the hang out of using said units.

The WT5 is lightweight and it feels comfortable on your hand so it won’t be a burden on your swings. The controls were a bit complex and it will take quite some time for players to be acquainted with it.

The Approach S2 is simple to use and easy to set up plus it is quite comfortable and feels light once strapped on your wrist. As for the Garmin Approach S6, its ultra-sensitive GPS system provides precise output and because of this, tracking has never been this easy. It is also a straightforward tool that even newbies can get around on using the first time.

The Neo XS of Bushnell on the other hand was easy to operate but users might have a hard time going around the database update.

SkyCaddie LinxVue Golf GPS Watch Rangefinder - accurate distances

Benefits of Using a Golf GPS Watch

Golf GPS watches gained popularity a few years back when golfers took notice of how it improved their game. Eventually, the technology was soon attached or combined with other gadgets like phones, handheld devices and watches to make playing the game more feasible and convenient for golfers.

Golfers both pros and newbies have appreciated the significance of owning one, which conflicts to what other golf enthusiasts have thought at first that the device makes players too dependent on its functions. Truth is, the most excellent models in the industry were designed in a way that its functions and features will improve a player’s skills and aptitudes when it comes to the sport.

Below are few reasons why such a device is a wise investment:

  • GolfBuddy WT5 Golf GPS Watch - distance to target and hazardsExact distances are made available in a snap

This is perhaps the chief function of a golf GPS watch—providing players precise distances from the hole to other areas in the green. Guessing games will come to a close since the measurements provided by the gadget are typically precise in just several yards. This makes players measure things better in order to make a good hit.

  • Lends a hand especially on out of view shots

Things like this happen. Back in the day, golfers would always go for blind shots since it’s the only option available. Now that the golf GPS watch is on hand, players can finally make great shots and let the ball settle on its rightful place. Excellent models usually display hazards like water spots and bunkers.

  • Bushnell Neo Xs Golf GPS Watch - distance made simplePlay quicker, more efficient games

Guessing and hesitating before a shot can put a crimp on your play, extending game times to the consternation of your peers (or your caddy). With this device in tow, you don’t have to mull over the next shot anymore since the watch will do it for you.

  • Can be easily customized

If you’ve participated in the sport long enough, then at this time you know what works and won’t work for you. This is where GPS watch customization comes in. Several models have this feature and a customization can make the device even more convenient.

  • It can up your confidence at play

Using the device to know the distances can certainly improve your overall mood and poise when it comes to the sport, thereby making you a good player. It can get rid of the tension and misperception over guessing distances and club selection.

  • You can share it with other golfers

If you feel good during a game, then you’ll feel good enough to share what you know! You can lend a hand to your friends by imparting distances measured by your device. This gesture won’t only make you a great golf buddy in general, but you will make new friends in the club as well.

  • Lets you scrutinize and evaluate your game stats following the sport

Several models actually have a feature wherein users can upload their scores. They can store data including the stats you provide, which can help you think things through after a trying game. With such information, you will know the errors you’ve made and your stronger points as well.

Final Verdict

GolfBuddy WT5 Golf GPS Watch - playing golfEven though GPS golf watches vary when it comes to prices, technologies and ease of use, all units offered the same objective; to help golfers better their game and with this, provide an improved confidence and more love for the sport.

Choosing the right unit is first and foremost, a personal preference. Some golfers might prefer something straightforward and simple without the added excess trimmings, while some are willing to go all out and invest on a highly innovative model to further improve their swings and get total satisfaction at each round.

Some golfers are also new to the device thus, they might prefer something that agrees with their budget and if they like the handiness of a golf GPS device, they might finally splurge on a device crammed with the good stuff.

If you want to gather more information about the models mentioned in the top 6, you can get more by reading reviews about them online. Sites like Amazon are usually frequented by consumers who offer their own raves and frank opinions about certain products they purchased on the site. You can also view more of the devices on the brands’ official sites.

If you found this article helpful and have made a decision, you can buy your pick directly on our linked golf gear store nationwide.

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