Precision Pro Nexus Golf Rangefinder Review

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Laser golf rangefinders are fast becoming popular as the chosen type of rangefinder by most golfers. With their laser beam projector, laser golf range finders can easily and precisely measure the distance of nearly any object around the golf course. You can simultaneously get the distance between you and the green while also factoring in other objects like trees, a lake, even an elevated slope. One rangefinder with that capability and more is the Precision Pro Nexus golf rangefinder.

Precision Pro Nexus Golf Rangefinder

Precision Pro Nexus golf rangefinder

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Precision Pro is not a new brand in the golf equipment market. They are already well-known for the Precision Pro golf GPS band (golf GPS watch) and now also for this great golf range finder.

The Precision Pro Nexus rangefinder is one of the best budget rangefinders you can choose on the market. Golf rangefinders were introduced for golf, whether it be ordinary gameplay or tournament play, to quicken the pace and to make the game easier due to the fact that the golfer knows exactly what the distances to the flag and hazards are.

With its ability to measure distance with speed and high precision, you should definitely consider getting this rangefinder. It has a lot of good qualities and is very easy to use. It is also very small, feels very good in the hand and fits easily into storage and can be brought anywhere.

Want to know more what are the great things about the Pro Nexus rangefinder? This golf rangefinder model comes with a long range measuring capability, as far as a distance of 400 yards. It also featured Multi Distance Mode that allows you to switch measurement systems from yards to meters and back, whichever is more familiar to your preferences.

With its very precise measuring accuracy, with +/- accuracy of just 1 yard, you get a confidence boost in selecting the ideal club for the situation. It also comes equipped with the Advanced Target Lock Function which is a first target acquisition system, letting you get accurate yardages of the object which you aim the Precision Pro rangefinder in.

The zooming option lets you magnify objects and targets up to six times for better viewing and distance estimation. It comes with an nice-looking but very durable casing that is soft to touch but can withstand substantial shocks like those from falling to the ground as well as bumps. This is a water resistant golf rangefinder, can be used during wet conditions, like when it is drizzling or raining during the game.

Legal for tournament play, sanctioned and allowed by most professional golf tours from local tournaments to international ones.

Precision Pro Nexus golf rangefinder - specifications and features

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Precision Pro Nexus golf rangefinder - front side view


For the Precision Pro Nexus range finder, it all starts with the body form. Many of the older golf laser rangefinders were not that good with the outer appearances, a lot did not cater to ergonomics and thus felt bulky to bring, cumbersome to hold and operate. But that is not the case with the Nexus golf rangefinder. Its form is much better, fitting nicely into your hand so it can be held easy. The casing is also soft to the touch.

The Nexus rangefinder of Precision Pro uses Dynamic Scanning Technology which allows it to scan multiple objects and immediately measure their individual distances. Imagine for instance when your ball is surrounded by trees, water hazards or sand bunkers… With the Dynamic Scanning Technology you can easily scan your surroundings and find the best way out!

In addition to measuring the distance to the green, you would also have to measure the distance of the trees that are in the way. That is not a problem with the Precision Pro golf rangefinder as it can simultaneously measure all the trees in the way in just a short span of time.

One of the nicest things about the Nexus rangefinder is its price. Many golfers are very much intimidated by the high price of the laser golf rangefinders but you can relax when you looks at the price of the Precision Pro Nexus!

So many laser rangefinders offered on the market today are stereotyped as expensive and reserved only for golfers in the upper class. Offered at a very affordable price, the Precision Pro Nexus rangefinder is one of the best budget models while also being one of the best in terms of performance because of its 400 yards range and 6x magnification.

The small size of the Precision Pro Nexus rangefinder is another nice quality that is appreciated by its critics. It weighs less than 8 ounces and its overall dimensions makes it about the size of a wide smartphone, which seems to be the common standard nowadays. It can fit into the pockets of your golf bag, storage compartment of your golf cart. You can place it in the side pockets of your golf pants or golf bag so you can take it out immediately when needed.

Critics really liked the Precision Pro rangefinder for its use of Dynamic Scanning Technology. This technology allows this laser rangefinder to obtain the distance yardage of multiple objects, using a single press/hold of one of its buttons.

Knowing the distance of several other objects can be very beneficial like in situations where your primary target is obstructed by several other obstacles. Knowing their distance simultaneously let you choose the best strategy on how to hit the ball.

There was a minor issue with the depth of field of the Precision Pro Nexus rangefinder. It was quite shallow compared to other (more expensive) golf rangefinders. At certain distances, objects are more unclear even if you are nearer to the target. It would require that you take your time to tinker and make the necessary adjustments before this golf rangefinder is ready for your game. If the above minor issue is a big problem for you, you could opt for the more expensive but higher quality rangefinders.

Final Verdict

Precision Pro Nexus golf rangefinder - side view

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Precision Pro Nexus golf rangefinder - features and specifications

The Precision Pro golf Nexus rangefinder is sure to find a place into the list of golf accessories that you would want to bring on the golf course. The small size makes it very easy to pack into your golf bag or store into the console of your golf cart. Since it is lightweight and has a soft form factor, you will probably not mind having it inside your pocket as you walk around the golf course.

It is one of the most affordable golf laser rangefinders you could have. Its distance measuring abilities are very precise and accurate, thus making it a good investment.