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In the olden days, the best tools that a golfer can own are his clubs and his/her talent of estimating distances. Today, a golfer’s best friend can be considered as the golf rangefinder. Now this does not and would never eliminate the need for talent and knowledge but it is of great help. It helps every golfer not just in its excellent ability to gauge distances and gradients but it generally improves the overall golfing experience by making it more enjoyable and less stressful.

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Why do people play golf? It is a sport wherein one does not need to go to lengths in training and exercising. Anyone can play it as opposed to contact sports where there would be certain medical conditions which will prohibit one from playing. People play golf basically to unwind and release the everyday stresses of the busy world we live in today. Some people play golf to bond more with their friends, colleagues, and/or co-workers.

Golf is not easy but it is not impossible to learn. Golf rangefinders help golfers in general regardless if you are a beginner or a professional. In fact, experts say that golf rangefinders do help one get into a better golfing shape by eliminating tough strokes through the accurate distance reads with a precise location of hazards.

From better club suggestions to precise yardage calculations from a golf GPS watch, golf rangefinders are without a doubt a perfect example of an excellent innovative engineering in the field of golf. To help you better understand how the best golf rangefinder can help you improve your gaming experience, here are the top three points to ponder on.

  1. It helps to perfect physical golf skills

Female golfer on perfect blue sky dayWhile there still are quite a few people who think that golf rangefinders get in the way of the integral challenge in the game of golf which must be solved by the brain alone, most experts say that these innovative tool does not get in the way but instead helps one perfect their physical golf skills.

For beginners, it is still highly suggested you try hitting balls by yourself first. Know the basics by heart and after a while, you can try out using golf rangefinders and then figure out the difference for yourself. Just like any other device, a golf rangefinder might work differently for different persons. This is especially true given the fact that there are quite a number of models of golf rangefinders.

For those who have been playing golf for a while and are quite happy with their game, they perfectly understand the frustration especially when there are hazards that are not so readily visible. Such situations commonly lead to frustrations and it is exactly one of the many things that the best golf rangefinders today prevent.

Despite this great innovation, no one would argue that mental and physical dexterity remains important and probably the key in a successful game of golf. A golf rangefinder benefits and only helps in reducing their frustrations and providing more accurate distance measurements.

  1. Golf is and will always be a game of knowledge

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Do you know why rich people prefer golf? Well some play it for the sake of social status because we do have to admit that the sport is not exactly the cheapest hobby especially in today’s failing economy. What could be the possible reason is because it is not a high hazard sport.

Another reason is because it is a game of knowledge but unlike a game of chess where one would have to sit long hours (which does not count as an exercise), players get to still have some form of exercise in the form of walking.

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Bushnell Tour X with slope compensation

Golf is a game of knowledge as one determines the distances of literally everything from where one is standing and the target, course geography, the proper club to use, and of course, the correct hitting form. This is a game where one has to exercise those brain cells and make them work together with the body muscles in order to have the ball on the green.

And since we have made it clear that golf is indeed a game of knowledge, a golf rangefinder can greatly help in widening that margin of knowledge. Basically, it tells you everything you know but in a shorter matter of time and in a more precise manner especially if we are to compare on how fast you can give your most accurate measurement.

  1. It increases the pace of game play

Ernie Els at Torrey Pines for the 2008 U.S. OpenWhile chitchatting during a round of golf is common, you do not want to keep your friends waiting by taking a long time calculating the distance, the hazards, and the appropriate club to use. The best golf rangefinder should make one speed up the play by providing the distances, the hazards, and everything in between in a more precise and fast manner.

Studies have been made numerous times between student golfers, who used distance-measuring devices versus those who did not. As expected, the golf rangefinder’s efficiency greatly helped because those who did not use it took a longer time in finishing the game.

The best golf rangefinders are a great tool for every person who is playing golf or have interests in playing in the future. Do you think the various professional associations of golf in the United States will allow some of the models to be used in professional tournaments if they do no good?

Through these compact but efficient devices, golfers have displayed a significant improvement in their game therefore making each golfing session a more enjoyable one.