Golf Rangefinder Benefits

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Golf is without a doubt the most sophisticated and highly cutthroat precision sport in the sports industry today. Whether you are a pro or a newbie wanting to lower your handicap, it always is an advantage to have a device to aid you during the competition and let you focus on your technique. It’s a good thing in this modern age that golfers are now enjoying the perks of a golf rangefinder. In this article you can read all about the golf rangefinder benefits.

What is a Golf Rangefinder?

Callaway 300 Laser Golf Rangefinder - features overviewGolf range finders are aiding devices that help golfers to improve their game by providing them with precise distance readings of targets on the course. They come with eye safe laser to aim at an object and then measure the time it will take for the laser to rebound the object and then back to the rangefinder. These devices provide players with accurate distances, yardage, hazards and to some extent, the right club for a certain target.

Golf rangefinders provide players to play continuously with little disruption. Most golf rangefinders provide players with spot on distance information and overcome hazards that might obscure the player’s views.

Golf Rangefinder Benefits

Determining how far you hit the object with the different clubs in your club and the complexity in knowing the distances when you’re on the course, golf rangefinders really do benefit everyone from a novice to a pro.

  1. Bushnell Tour Z6 golf rangefinder
    Bushnell Tour Z6 golf rangefinder benefits

    Better knowledge of the Golf Course

Primarily, a golf rangefinder is like an insider that tells you what you’ll likely expect on the course. Without these kinds of devices, playing golf is most likely based on what your hunch is telling you and experience. If you are playing on a new golf course, the lack of familiarity will definitely lead you to missed shots and cause you valuable strokes.

Knowing the accurate yardage measurement up front, on the center, the back of the green and of any nearby hazards like water areas or sand bunkers, is really of great help especially when determining what club to hit the ball and how hard it will be as well making the right decision.

Good golf players are those who not only aim and achieve the shot but also know when to miss a certain spot. With a yardage tool, players can make better choices; thus making him/her a smart player.

  1. Lofthouse ProScope 400x golf rangefinder with Pinseeker technology
    Lofthouse ProScope 400x golf rangefinder with Pinseeker technology

    Knowledge on the Yardage for each Club

Some golfers find the rangefinder to be really of great help especially when they have to hit a tough golf shot – over water and in front of a bunker. Rangefinders help golfers to know how far you would exactly hit each with your golf clubs.

With a golf rangefinder, golfers can map all their clubs on the driving range thereby improving their accuracy and boosting their confidence especially when they have to hit real tough shots.

  1. They are allowed on tournaments

Under the USGA Rule 14-3, scores may be posted for rounds played when aided with a device that provides measurement on distance only but not on wind speed or ground slope. It’s good to know that they approve the use of certain golf rangefinders even during tournaments. This is because USGA understands the difficulty a golfer will have to take when measuring distances.

  1. Bushnell Tour X Laser Golf Rangefinder - dual display technology
    Bushnell Tour X Laser Golf Rangefinder

    They provide accurate measurements

The birth of laser rangefinders paved way for better golf playing in that they provide greater accuracy when it comes to determining distances. By accurate, this means that it doesn’t only provide players with distance measurements between them and the next hole or water hazard but also provide them with information as to how far they are from the pin, a treeline or a bunker. It just practically answers every golfer’s question “How far is it?”. This is one of the best benefits of golf rangefinders over golf GPS watches since with a GPS watch you don’t have the possibility to ‘shoot’ to every target or hazard.

  1. User Friendly

Golfers find the laser rangefinders to be really convenient to use. Unlike other golf devices, laser rangefinders will not require you to go online and download the file of the course you are to play and map it out manually. This makes things easier for golfers especially those who are way better with a golf club than they would with a mouse.

  1. They are inexpensive

Because of the many benefits it brings to the game, people would often believe that laser rangefinders are pricey. The truth is that some even costs less than golf GPS watches and devices. There are rangefinders that are sold for just less than $150 and it’s already got some of the best features a player would love to have for an aiding device.

Golf rangefinders are here to stay and will definitely bring the players to a whole new level of improvement. They are advantageous compared to other golf devices in that they provide pinpoint accuracy, they are easy to use, will not require you big amounts of money to own one, they are like insiders of the golf course and the list goes on. You may be a novice today, but if you keep on practicing with the aid of your rangefinder you will be on your way to improving your game.