Golf GPS Watch Benefits

GPS devices have been around now for quite some time. It first became famous for being a great help for drivers as they navigate their way towards today’s traffic laden roads. After several years, genius minds incorporated GPS into smartphones, watches, and almost every other gadget that they think would benefit from it.

True enough, consumers are now reaping the benefits of this great innovation. Golfers, in particular, have realized the value and importance of having a golf GPS watch. In contrary to what people initially think that it might jam up one’s game and make him rely too much on the said technology, the best golf GPS watches turned the table around by honing one’s natural instincts and talents with regards to golfing.

Check out these great benefits that await every golfer today who plans on using the best golf GPS watch:

  1. Provides accurate distances

Callaway GPSync golf watch - 30,000 courses loadedThis is a no-brainer. This is probably the main purpose of every golf GPS watch today – to give the best accurate distances from where the golfer is to the hole and varying parts of the course. This basically takes out the time-consuming guessing game that golfers would have to endure before they hit the ball.

This is especially useful as measurements are usually accurate within just a few yards. Thus, it enables golfer to better calculate distances which of course, leads to, higher chances of getting the ball where it should be.

  1. Helps to reduce handicap

Garmin Approach S4 Golf GPS WatchDo you know the secret to better score on the green and reduce handicap? The answer is release your tension and shoot lower scores. Most GPS for golf players say that they have shaved off points during the first few times that they have used a GPS. Amazingly, this thought them to become a better scorer later on.

  1. Extremely helpful for out-of-sight shots

These wayward shots happen. You have not played real golf until this has happened to you. Way back in the days when there was no golf GPS watch, golfers usually take a blind shot. But with a GPS watch nowadays, a golfer can confidently hit a shot and make the ball land on wherever you intended it to go. Hence, no more blind shots. The best golf GPS watch will show you nearby hazards like bunkers and water. These are certainly great advantages compared to golf laser rangefinders.

GolfBuddy VT3 Golf GPS Watch

  1. Play faster yet with more efficiency

TomTom Golfer - distances displayHow many times have you hesitated about a shot you need to take? With a GPS watch, you can play continuously that your friends would have to keep catching their breath to keep up with you. Because you know the exact distance you will have to play, you can pick the correct club straight away and without doubts.

  1. Better understand your range with every golf club

Truth of the matter here is that every golfer thinks that he hit quite far regardless of club only to know later on that they do not. And so, experts say that using a GPS watch can be a humbling experience especially for those who are so sure of them.

There is no reason to worry though as almost every amateur golfer thinks that way. They only mature into thinking that they do not really hit that far once they have gained enough experience and share of mistakes in the greens. Lucky for amateurs today, they would not have to spend countless of years learning about the same mistake.

  1. Boosts confidence

Bushnell Neo Xs Golf GPS Watch - white charcoal blackA golf GPS watch is a definite confidence booster. Being able to know the distance almost immediately provides one with enough confidence to actually make him a better player. It somehow removes the tension that is supposedly there if one is doing manual distance measurement with a golf range finder.

The tension build-up and fear are actually the main differences between a smooth swing and a terrible one. Do you want to know how professional and experienced golfers overcome these? Have you ever wondered why they have especially requested caddies?

Well, since caddies pretty much spend their whole day at the greens, they have better understanding and have honed their measurement skills. Sometimes, caddies get paid to help the golfers. They choose which club to use and advice the golfer with how far the pin is, more or less. Why pay a caddie when you have your own GPS watch, which basically tells you the same thing.

  1. Can be customized

expresso golf gps watchOnce you get the hang of golfing, you will know what exactly works for you and what does not. This is the time when you can further benefit from one of the common features of a golf GPS watch which is customization depending on the model and brand. The best golf GPS watches can record the score of your own play and your buddies play.

  1. Lets you help others

You are not the only one who can benefit from your GPS watch. If you feel extra kind for the day, you can help your friends and relay their distances as measured by your GPS watch. You will not only score points for being a great golf buddy but you could also make new ones as well.

  1. Analyze your golfing statistics after the game

This is another great thing about the modern GPS watches for golfers today. They have the ability to store information with built-in statistics which should definitely help one assess the game, know the faults and the strong points and therefore, pave way for something even better with the next game.

  1. Enjoy

Since having a golf GPS watch releases tension and shakes down one’s nerves just enough to loosen things up, a golfer naturally enjoys not just the game but the beautiful surroundings and the company of his/her friends and others on the green. Golfing will definitely be a better physical and emotional way of relaxation and exercise.

With all the great benefits that we have indicated above, let every aspiring golfer out there be reminded that GPS watches are only supposed to help you be a better player in the greens. It is still highly suggested to learn all the basics of golfing and try it out first without a GPS watch.

Once you have gotten the hang of it and know it by heart, then you can try using a golf GPS watch and you can watch your performance sore new heights.

TomTom Golfer - on golf course