Bushnell NEO X Golf GPS Watch

Review of Bushnell NEO-X golf GPS Watch

Below we review Bushnell NEO-X golf GPS Watch. We personally tested this product and below you find an unbiased and detailed review of the NEO-X of Bushnell. We also made comparison to the previous version, analyzed the useful features and tell you why you should buy the NEO-X GPS watch made by Bushnell.

Bushnell NEO X Golf GPS WatchWhy you should buy the Bushnell NEO-X golf GPS Watch>>!

The most important function of a golf GPS is its accuracy then its ease of use. We score the Neo X very good.  The distances are on point and closely matched with every laser rangefinder we have compared it against. The battery charged very quickly and it was easy to set up.   

One unique Pro of NEO X is its longer battery life; last longer than most competing brands. You can easily complete 3 rounds for 15 hours without any problem.  It certainly does and even lasts over a year in watch mode, so you can wear it as an everyday watch. The greatest things are the simplicity and the large numbers.

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Description of Bushnell NEO-X Features

Right out of the box the Bushnell NEO-X Golf GPS watch is set to play with over 29,000 already pre-loaded courses. The NEO X of Bushnell has a dimension of 0.6”×1.8”×2.5” (inches) and weight of 2.1oz shows that it’s really light in weight.  There is no subscription, downloads, or any fees.

The Neo-X Golf GPS watch automatically sets itself to the hole being played. With the watch showing you distance to front, center and back of the green, you can save quite a bit of time not having to scout for distance markers and to do the mental calculations for correct pin placement. It’s nice to know how far a bunker is or a water hazard. It’s really nice to have the distance to hazard at your finger tip with just the push of a button. You can measure Layups and doglegs but the distance to hazard is restricted to 2 per hole.  Long battery life provides over 3 rounds of golf between charges.

As you get older your eyes may get worse, things like large numbers are great when product developers consider their consumer. NEO numbers are huge, no problem seeing them and no eye strain. The distance to hazards is available with just a one button push. The NEO seems lighter than the others. There is no problem reading the watch in bright daylight.

The tee time feature is pretty cool too. Just set one for the following day and by the time you get to the course or setup you’re cart, the watch already had the course up waiting for you. It’s like having a caddy on your wrist. You have a small wrist? Don’t worry. The Bushnell NEO-X has an infinitely adjustable strap that can fit any wrist.

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Buy this watch if knowing few distances to hazard, or distances to the back, middle and front of the green is enough info for you. The Neo X is so light and comfortable that you will forget you are wearing a golf GPS device. 

Bushnell NEO-X golf GPS Watch vs. Bushnell NEO-X + and NEO XS

The Bushnell NEO-X gives distance to hazards and traps while NEO-X + doesn’t. Additionally NEO X is more stylish than the NEO-X +

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Quick Recap of Features

  • Talking Golf GPS
  • 30,000 Preloaded Courses Worldwide 
  • No Subscription fees ever
  • Size of 0.6”×1.8”×2.5” (inches)
  • Weight of 2.1oz
  • 27 holes of 15 hours battery life on GPS mode
  • Distances to green (front/center/back)
  • Limited Distance to hazard (2 per hole)
  • Automatic Course & Hole Recognition
  • Shot Distance Measuring Function
  • Timer and Stop Watch
  • Auto GPS Off  and Tee Time Start
  • Easy charging with Posi-Lock Clip

Why you should buy it?

  • Thin and Light in weight
  • Accurate
  • Very large database of courses
  • Use as a watch
  • Long Battery Life
  • No subscription or annual fees 

Why Not!

  • Slow support from Bushnell
  • Limited Hazard information (2) 

Whats Included

Bushnell NEO-X Golf GPS Watch

USB charging/sync cable

Quick-start guide

One-year limited warranty

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