Garmin Approach S4 Golf GPS Watch

Garmin Approach S4 Golf GPS Rangefinder Watch Review

Below we review Garmin Approach S4 golf GPS Rangefinder. We personally tested this product and below you find an unbiased and detailed Approach S4 description. We also made comparison to the previous version, analyzed the useful features, and tell you why you should buy the Approach S4 of Garmin.

Garmin Approach S4 Golf GPS WatchWhy you should buy the Garmin Approach S4 golf GPS Rangefinder >>!

Almost everything about Approach S4 watch is compact. You will love how it feels to put it on, knows the courses, keeps score, and how it measures distances. Great watch when playing golf. Very accurate and keeps you completely inform on your overall performance. This is a must have GPS golf device.

The device is accurate and it easily switches from hole to hole automatically. You can switch between watch mode and play mode without losing your entered scores. Hands down, Approach S4 is the most accurate and easiest device you can imagine. When compared to a laser rangefinder, it was spot on. No problems or worries. Overall is a great composite of watch and Golf GPS.

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Description of Garmin Approach S4 golf GPS Features

The Approach S4 made by Garmin does have a few bells and whistles: the Garmin S4 has a dimension of 1.83” x 2.41” x 0.58” inches and weighs 2.06oz. There are 38,000 local and international golf courses preloaded to get you started really fast. The smart notification system allows you to receive emails, text and more right on your device. There is also the Bluetooth connection possibility to an iPhone.

Garmin could have used the resources to add hazard distances at the least. Again, if you want to measure yardage, shot distances, occasional individual scoring, the Approach S4 does the job quite well. Thanks for its digital score card now scoring is so much easy. With the Odometer can track your distance or speed, pretty cool right! You get about 2 rounds of golf with the battery life – reasonable enough.

The touch screen is great and the accuracy of the device matches up with other devises we tested. The Garmin S4 gives you the distances you really need like yardage to doglegs. The yardages worked very well for front, middle and back. You will love the flexibility and freedom you have to do much more with S4. Overall, the unit is accurate and will help you improve your score.

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It’s MUST buy for any avid golfer. If you can afford this watch and you are looking for a GPS Watch to help get distance and yardage easily, don’t read another review. Buy it!

Garmin Approach S4 golf Vs. Garmin Approach S2

S4 really is top notch and has many features compared to the S2. The Garmin S4 also looks more like an everyday watch than the S2. Simply put S4 is an updated version of Garmin S2.

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Quick Recap of Features – Garmin Approach G2

  • Green View
  • Distance to front, center and back of green
  • Layup, yardage distance
  • Wi-Fi and Smart Notification
  • Bluetooth
  • 38,000 preloaded worldwide courses
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Size of 1.83” x 2.41” x 0.58” (Inches)
  • 1” touch screen display
  • Weight of 2.06oz
  • Battery Life of 10 Hours/ 2 x 18 Holes (GPS Mode)
  • Digital Score Card

Why you should buy it?

  • No subscription or annual fees
  • Accurate
  • Easy to use
  • Really lovely to wear
  • Use as Everyday watch
  • So many bells and features
  • Perfect yardage solution 

Why Not!

  • It’s an expensive distance marker.
  • Battery life not excellent (Turning off the screen saver could take you one more round or even more when you turn off smart notification)

Whats Included 

Approach S4

Charging/Data Clip


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