Expresso WR67 – Golf GPS Watch Review

Below we review the Expresso WR67 golf GPS Watch. We personally tested this product and below you find an unbiased and detailed description of the Expresso golf watch WR67. We also made a comparison to the previous version, analyzed the useful features and tell you why you should buy the Expresso WR67 GPS watch.

expresso golf gps watchWhy you should buy the Expresso WR67 golf GPS Watch >>!

We recently picked up the Expresso WR67 GPS golf watch after excellent reviews by consumers for our testing and personal review. Forget about the popular brands, this golf GPS device exceed our expectation. This is one if not the best GPS watch on the market. Getting shot distances is easy. The  WR67 made by Expresso is easy to see even under bright sunlight. You can use the distance marking with shag balls and for time, speed and distance on bike ride or other sporting activities.

We find it to be extremely accurate. It is very light in weight and you would enjoy having it on wrist. It is unnecessary spending so much more for extra features. This watch is comfortable simple, accurate, and not to mention the good customer service you will get from the manufacturer. The screen is easy to comprehend. WR67 feels and looks nice on the wrist  so you can choose to use it as your everyday wrist watch. Your friends using any other golf watch will envy you.

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Description of Expresso WR67 Features

We tested the auto advance features, and this device never missed advancing to the next hole and is very fast and accurate. You can switch off the automatic hole advance should you desire. Common to any golf GPS device the Expresso golf watch model WR67 can measure the distance to the back, front, and center of the green as well as hazards. The WR67 can provide you with limited distance to hazards (limited to 2), compared to other expensive brands without any hazard information. 

The Expresso WR67 golf GPS watch comes already loaded with over 25,000 golf courses and can be updated for up to 32,000 courses. This golf GPS watch measures 4.6”×4.5”×4.1” inches and a weight of 6.4oz. The power when completely charged would last for 3 rounds which is around 15 hours. You won’t miss your tee time with its built-in alarm and stop watch.  Thanks to the shot marker keeping track of your yardages is much sampler. 

For all the pick of golf GPS watches, the WR67 of Expresso had by far the best value of features. In addition it is very user friendly and at the completion of your round it gives you the distance you traveled and the time it took to complete your round.

To get you started easily there is a comprehensive instruction manual included. There is no additional yearly or subscription fee, making Expresso WR67 one of the most in-expensive golf GPS watches available in the market. You get a 2 years warranty for the Expresso WR67 golf GPS watch.

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This is a perfect and excellent golf GPS device for a beginner or anyone who wants something simple and basic. The budget is reasonable so you would not break the bank. Even if you want to update or change your device, don’t hesitate to get the Expresso model WR67. You will not be sorry if you buy this watch!

Expresso WR67 vs Expresso WR62 

The Expresso WR67 is the new updated version of WR62. The WR67 includes black and white color options, longer battery life (improved from 12 hours to 15 hours), tee time start function and adjustable band. Even with this updates or extra features, pricing remains the same as with the original Expresso WR62 GPS watch.

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Quick Recap of Features

  • 25,000+ World Golf Courses Preloaded
  • No Download or Subscription fees ever
  • Shipping package size of 4.6”×4.5”×4.1” (inches)
  • Weight of 6.4oz – shipping
  • 15 hours battery life on GPS mode
  • Auto off
  • Multichannel GPS Receiver
  • Distances to green (front/center/back)
  • Distance to hazard (limited to 2)
  • Automatic Course & Hole Recognition
  • Shot Distance Measuring Function
  • Tee time features
  • Stop watch and Alarm
  • Odometer to track speed distance and time

Why you should buy it?

  • Light and easy to use
  • Accurate
  • Good database of courses
  • Use as a watch
  • No subscription or annual fees
  • Valued 

Why Not!

  • Hard to see time in dark
  • It is a bit chunky but serviceable as a watch off course

Whats Included?

WR67 GPS Golf Watch

USB sync cable

2 year warranty

Quick Start Guide

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