Golf Laser Rangefinder Tips

Given that golf is considered to be one of the most sophisticated and highly competitive sports throughout the world today, there is simply no room for mistakes. This is exactly the reason why golf laser rangefinders are creating a buzz nowadays. It is the tool that can give you a great advantage on the golf course as it definitely helps one improve his/her performance.

Any golfer who wants exact yardages has to get his hands on an efficient and reliable laser rangefinder. What else would you use to accurately measure the distance from your position to the flag in the fairway?

Basically, there are two types of devices that can help the golfer – the ones that use GPS and the other that use laser beams. While both have pulses and minuses, the GPS devices map golf courses in order to give measurements. The laser rangefinders, on the other hand, use laser beams to lock onto a certain object such as that of the flagstick, trees or water area.

Most experts would gladly prefer a laser rangefinder to a GPS device mainly because it provides more accurate measurements and more possibilities. Famous golf magazines once stated that if you think you are already a good golf player, a rangefinder would make you an even better golfer.

Leupold GX-4i2 Digital Laser Golf Rangefinder - quick menuIn contrary to what is perceived that golf laser rangefinders are complicated, they are as a matter of fact easy to use. They are extremely convenient given that they are usually compact in size and lightweight. A golfer can easily put this in the pocket, take it out once the target is determined, let the range finder do its own thing and measure the distance, and then go figure which club is right for the distance and the target.

Another great thing about golf range finders is that it gives great value for the money. Would you even believe that some cost way less than GPS devices? Yes, they cost less yet give better accuracy. Cost will still depend on which brand and model you are eyeing but they are generally affordable and practical. If you love playing golf, then consider purchasing a laser rangefinder is a very good investment.

Now, if you have already bought a golf rangefinder but cannot seem to get the hang of it, we have put together some of the best tips there is on how to properly use it and maximize its benefits.

  1. Make the most out of the standout features

Today, there are several features that you will usually encounter in searching for that best golf laser rangefinder and some of those are – First Target Priority Mode, Pinseeker, and PinHunter. All these terms refer to the technology that the rangefinder uses in order to provide the accurate distance between a golfer and his/her target.

All the said technologies above are extremely helpful when used properly. If you have bought a good rangefinder, then regardless if you have steady or shaky hands, you should be able to get accurate results.

What experts suggest here is to first aim the rangefinder at the ground and press the range button. This should somehow give you an idea of what shows up at the screen and how things show up by focusing on a specific target. Once you get the hang of short-distance targets like something on the floor, then proceed to targeting long-distance targets and push the range button once again.

Experts say that by practicing this simple technique always, one reduces the chance of error.

  1. Check for instructions on the manufacturer’s website

Not all range finders come with instruction manuals. If the one you have bought does, then make sure to read it carefully and understand everything before testing your rangefinder. If yours does not, then head over to the manufacturer’s website and download the whole manual of the specific model.

Most manufacturers today prefer that consumers download the instruction manual in order to save more on costs and of course, help limit physical waste to the environment. If you are lucky, you might even come across a manufacturer’s website that even have video tutorials, which surely will make everything easier.

  1. Check out the various videos uploaded on different websites

Written instructions are good enough but nothing teaches better than an actual footage that clearly describes every step of the way. If you find it too time consuming to check every video there is only to find out some lousy ones that prove to be of no help, a great tip here is to find videos with lots of “views”. This should trim it down to a few great options.

Once you have found that extremely helpful video, you will surely never look at golf laser rangefinders the same. Remember that just like any other device, you need to thoroughly understand the principle behind rangefinders and know how it works. Remember that learning is a continuous process and you have to continuously adapt to new technologies.

By combining the wonderful benefits of a gadget such as the golf rangefinder and your knowledge and experience in golf, there is surely no way to go but becoming a better player.

  1. Start practicing with the closest flags first

If it is your first time to use a golf rangefinder, experts advise against using it immediately on long-distance targets. In order to get the hang of how everything goes, practice with the closest flags on your vision first.

May be it would be better if you can set aside an hour or two for learning and training instead of hitting the putts immediately. Target the closest flag, hit the ball, and do not move until you have successfully put the ball in the target. This will practice your distance perception and understanding of the figures and measurements that show at the rangefinder screen.

  1. Proceed to practicing on targets within 50-100 yards

Once you have perfected close-range shots, it is time to proceed on to the next level that is targets within 50-100 yards in distance. This should not be hard if you have mastered the art of aiming and hitting close-range targets.

If it so happens that you cannot seem to hit anything within this range while using the laser rangefinder, you might want to reread the instructions or watch a tutorial video of the specific brand and model you have. Remember that not all models function the same so be sure to check the model used on the tutorial video.

Do everything as stated in the instruction manual and/or video tutorial. If all else fails, try borrowing a friend’s similar golf laser rangefinder and if that one works well with you, then the one you got might be faulty. You can also try letting an experienced friend work with your rangefinder, they could probably tell if it is faulty or not to save you a trip to the service center.

  1. Be prepared to practice

All the famous golfers today did not get things right at the first time. Some were even hitting bad putts up until their first few years on the course but they did not let it dampen their spirits.

If you really love playing golf, then a golf laser rangefinder can be your new best friend if you two can start getting along well. Experts cannot emphasize more that it would take more than a little practice in order to get the hang of it and start getting consistent distance readings.

A great tip here is to ask someone who is knowledgeable of the course of the actual measurements from flag to flag. Then try measuring them using your own rangefinder. This should give you an idea of how accurate it is and if you are doing it correctly.

  1. Do not put your trust completely on it

Experienced golfers know better to trust themselves more than laser rangefinders. This becomes especially true if you are absolutely familiar with the course and you have somehow memorized the measurements and then the rangefinder suddenly starts giving you unusual figures.

Generally, golf laser rangefinders are extremely accurate but several factors may affect the measurements especially if you were not that focused on the target. When this happens and your gut is telling you the other way around, it would not cost you anything to repeat it once more and aim for the target once again and this time, make sure you are totally focused.

  1. Do research before heading out the door

Golf laser rangefinders are amazing tools of technology today. However, its great use would not mean anything if you cannot put it into good use and maximize its benefits. While it gives high distance measurement accuracy, you still might encounter problems when all of a sudden your friends invite you to try a totally new golf course out of town.

Remember that laser rangefinders do not come with pre-installed golf courses and while you can always aim for the target, experienced golfers say that it would be best if you do a bit of research about the golf course in order for you to strategize your moves and how to aim for your targets in a new place.

Golf laser rangefinders quickly turned from an irresistible must-have gadget for golfers into a necessity. It is efficient and gives accurate results yet is considered generally easier to use than the other golf tools in the market today. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to and other international Amazon websites.