Bushnell Tour Z6 Laser Golf Rangefinder with JOLT (NEW) Review

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The Tour Z6 golf rangefinder is the most compact Tour series golf rangefinder developed by Bushnell. The Bushnell Tour Z6  model is basically a modernized and improved version of Tour V2 rangefinder and also includes some of the great features of Bushnell Pro 1M. The Tour V2 is among the budget laser rangefinders providing the basic Pinseeker technology whereas Pro 1M is the high end rangefinder of Bushnell. The Tour Z6 golf rangefinder has a higher magnification and a Vivid Display Technology like Bushnell pro 1M and has a better looking design and ability to provide faster readings compared to Tour V2.

bushnell tour z6 golf rangefinderThe Tour Z6 golf rangefinder is loaded with some exceptional features like Vivid Display Technology (VDT) and Extreme Speed Precision (E.S.P). The Vivid Display Technology, with four brightness intensity settings, significantly enhances the display resolution and facilitates higher light transmission. The display of information in the VDT is in red making the distance measurement readings clear even in low light conditions.  Unlike in the case of regular rangefinders, E.S.P. prevents the measurement accuracy of Tour Z6 from being affected by the reflectance; shape and colour of the target. E.S.P. has the capacity to assess the target conditions automatically and improve the measurement accuracy depending upon target conditions. The technology delivers ½ Yard accuracy and 1/10 precision from 5–125 yards and +/- 1 yard accuracy from 125–1300 yards.

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The Bushnell Tour Z6 rangefinder has dimensions of 1.3″ x 4″ x 2.9″ and weights 8 oz. making it an ultra-compact rangefinder. The Bushnell Z6 range finder has an attractive colour scheme with a mix of white, black and red. The majority of the Tour Z6’s body is a comfortable rubber material.  As described by Bushnell, the body of Tour Z6 is a “rubber armoured metal housing” with the comfortable rubber composition facilitating a better grip for the device. The device is fully rainproof and includes a carry case, strap and 3-volt battery.

The device features 6x magnification and fully multi coated optics. The 6x magnification displays distant targeted objects with clarity and detail covering. The instrument also has an adjustable eyepiece with plus or minus 2 Diopter adjustments that allows the focus on the VDT display relative to the image. The VDT of the device has indicators that aid in specifying and shifting the unit of measure being used in yards or meters.

The Bushnell Tour Z6 golf range finder is competitively priced to compete with the laser rangefinders without slope technology in the market. With some of high end model features like VDT, the device has the capacity to give tough competition to the similar range Leupold and Nikon rangefinders. Concerning the target customers, the device being tour certified is beneficial for pro golfers and avid golfers who want a complete package of attractive design, comfortable and high on performance rangefinder.

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Quick Recap of the Features:

Pinseeker Technology with JOLT (NEW feature for latest model)
Extreme Speed Precision (E.S.P.)
Rubber armored metal housing
Ranging Accuracy: ½ yard accuracy from 5–125 Yards, +/- 1 yards accuracy from 125–1300 yards
Display: VDT (Vivid Display Technology)
Coverage/Range: 5 – 1300
Size: 1.3 x 4 x 2.9 inches
Weight:  8 ounces
Magnification: 6x
Adjustable diopter setting
Built in accessory mount


Compact and Solid
Longer range
Tournament Approved
Speed Score of 8.5/10
Water proof
Improved battery door / Post-Thread
Easy to use
Good ergonomic design



What should be included:

Tour Z6 Golf Rangefinder with JOLT
Battery – CR-2 lithium battery
Two year Warranty
Carrying case
CR2-3v lithium battery

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N/B: This is the latest update of the Bushnell Tour v6 golf rangefinder.  After so many complains about depressing the bottom for the initial edition, Bushnell recently released the improve version with JOLT. Now features pin seeker with Jolt that provides golfers with short vibration or burst to confirm that the laser has locked on the target.  Pinseeker is as effective as in any of the other Bushnell laser rangefinders. Now you can automatically scan across multiple points and receive distances to every target instantaneously.