Golf Buddy WT5 Golf GPS Watch Review

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GPS is the hottest innovation in electronics right now, and this time around, its benefits are added on golf wearables. A GPS golf watch is the most-talked about accessory in the sport since not only can such a device provide you accurate time, it also provides users the ability to identify courses and distances on the entire green.

If you want to tear off shots from your handicap, purchasing a golf GPS watch is probably one of the best recommendations a fellow golfer can give you. Investing in one can help you in making excellent decisions for your game.

There are manufacturers out there who have invested in the production of said unit, and this article will further discuss the merits and the shortcomings of one particular model; the GolfBuddy WT5 Golf GPS Watch. Will it measure up not only to its predecessor but to other like units in the market? Read on and find out.

Golf Buddy WT5 Golf GPS Watch

GolfBuddy WT5 Golf GPS Watch - feature rich sporty gps golf watch

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Compared with its predecessor the WT3, the WT5 features a slimmer built, which makes for a more comfortable wear. With just a touch of the unit’s press and hold buttons, you can use features like pin placement and the Dynamic Green View. The whole package of this golf GPS watch also comes with a completely rechargeable battery build in the watch.

Its full specifications are as follows:

  • 42 mm width
  • 59 mm height
  • 13 mm depth
  • 27 mm x 30 mm screen size
  • Weighs only 64 grams
  • Up to 35 days battery life
  • Rechargeable power options
  • Comes with a preloaded course capacity of 38,000
  • Comes in black/blue and white/orange color options

GolfBuddy WT5 Golf GPS Watch - specifications

GolfBuddy WT5 Golf GPS Watch - distance to green


One of the premier brands in the golf rangefinder business, GolfBuddy has an aim to provide nothing but the most innovative and precise in terms of rangefinders. The company is based in the sunny location of La Palma, California and is known for topnotch electronic goods.

The company is praised for its initial feature of over 38,000 accurate course data for their models, and its latest product, the WT5, has gained recognition from golf enthusiasts because of its highlights. Listed below are some of the features the WT5 offers:

  • Once put into golf mode, the central screen will reveal the course’s back, front and center. It will also display the left or ride sides of the green if needed, its full shape, the green’s yardages, hole number, par data, and your own location.
  • The unit has 9 adjustable pin placements. The Dynamic Green View feature displays the form of the course and it will also provide the distances from your line. Selections for the 9 pin placements are available in Dynamic Green View if you need more precise data other than the distances and positioning.
  • Targets and hazards are included in the WT5 to save your strokes. You will see as much as 11 targets and hazards per hole.
  • The unit has a free Course Manager program which enables you to keep track and document your scores for every game you play.

GolfBuddy WT5 Golf GPS Watch - distance to target and hazards

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GolfBuddy WT5 Golf GPS Watch - digital score card


The WT5’s chief feature is its accurate flow of yardages from the user’s viewpoint; the user will see the yardage’s front, back and middle in an instant. By just pressing one of the buttons, the user will be able to see the hazards that lay close to the green.

The pin placement feature is also one great addition to its accurate course data details. The product has the knack to calculate the distinction concerning your opening shot and the location where your ball settles if you want to gauge the distance once you swing your shot.

The Shot Tracking option is also a good tool; it permits users to display how far their shots pulled through. Just press on the unit’s upper right button to display the shot tracking mode and once you have reached your ball, you just do the whole bit once more.

It works fast and is easy to use. Users have noticed that once they have turned the watch on in the range, they were quickly logged in to the site’s course. The unit how has 3 side buttons positioned at the right and an on/off button on its left side, which makes for easier operation. You can download the user manual if you would like to know all the specialized functions.

The unit comes with a USB cable for recharging batteries. However, be sure that you have a ready car USB adaptor in case a computer is not accessible for charging. A battery that was charged in maximum will last for a good 8 hours in GPS mode and 35 days if you are not using its golf GPS features.

The unit is similar in looks with its brother GPS watch, but as mentioned earlier, is slimmer and more comfortable to wear. It comes in great color combos and looks as sporty as the WT4. Regarding the typeface on the screen; the font and the numbering were clear and easy to decipher.


Not much has been said about the unit’s drawbacks, but a few users have complained about its charger. One commented that it would be more feasible if the company decided on a generic mini USB plug on the side of the watch for charging.

Final Verdict

GolfBuddy WT5 Golf GPS Watch - gps tracking outdoor activities GolfBuddy WT5 Golf GPS Watch - two color options

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The WT5 gets a pass and more; this is the model to go if you need a good golf GPS unit. It provides precise front, middle and back data of the course from the user’s approach. This is one feature that’s not readily available on other like products in the market.

Looks-wise and comfort-wise, the model wins with its understated yet sporty design and it also feels comfortable strapped on one’s wrist. Which is a big plus since several models looked bulky and heavy.

It is also way more affordable than its predecessor and some known models available for purchase. In addition, you can also use it like a regular watch. The unit is now available online and it can be ordered via golfing gear stores, and Amazon.