SkyCaddie LinxVue Golf GPS Watch Review

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Need a good view of the golf course plus more data related to it? In case you’re stumped and need some help in this matter, a GPS watch made for the sport might be able to solve your problems and keep them at bay.

The LinxVue provides users a rundown on distances plus 35,000 preloaded international courses. See those courses by means of expanded views on your smartphone. SkyCaddie promises that the unit is a watch-slash-application, which will merge both technologies into one handy, compact device.

SkyCaddie LinxVue Golf GPS Watch

SkyCaddie LinxVue Golf GPS Watch Rangefinder


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The entire package includes the SkyGolf LinxVue watch, a charging cable, user documentation, a 12-Month prepaid card with access to LinxVue advanced features, SkyCaddie mobile rangefinder application, SkyGolf 360 Cloud Service and more.

Meanwhile, the Mobile GPS application requires iPhone 5 and above models, and iOS 7.0 or higher.

SkyCaddie LinxVue Golf GPS Watch Rangefinder - specifications and features

SkyCaddie LinxVue Golf GPS Watch Rangefinder - distance to targetsFeatures

SkyGolf is responsible for the creation of the SkyCaddie, a recognized rangefinder in the golf industry. The company focuses in the innovation and advancement of positioning systems targeting golfers and their specific needs to help them give a good game and improve their methods.

The company has since introduced the LinxVue, a multi-sport watch, which can coordinate with the brand’s Mobile GPS application to provide golfers the convenience of having a GPS watch with the preciseness of a Skycaddie rangefinder.

Among its array of features, its preloaded 35,000 global courses ranks first. The unit features the Mobile GPS application, which employs its GPS engine so you stay coordinated on the same course, hole and exact position. If you are in need of data or a good view ahead of you, the unit’s application will provide you details of the complete hole in excellent high-definition graphics through your smartphone.

The watch and the application are both coordinated to keep users on the same hole, course and position from tee to the green. By means of the Intelligent Automation feature, both the watch and app will proceed about the course by design. Your phone’s location services will be put to rest at the moment since the unit’s effective GPS engine will give users the correct distances.

The device gives distances to the front, center and back of the course and it also comes with IntelliGreen technology, another advancement from the brand which brings users the tangible course shape that turns from the user’s perspective.

The TrueGround target list feature functions to discover bunkers, carries, layups per hole, water, end of fairway and exact yardages of approximately 40 hazards.

The unit also comes with Bluetooth technology and if paired with the free 360 Mobile app, users can save their scores and stats to the company’s online community for a quick and straightforward review of their game.

It also features extras like an integrated odometer, which can track distance, locations, laps, speed, time, pace and calories burned in the course of walks, cycling, or running. Each and every information uploaded can be viewed by means of 3rd party applications.

SkyCaddie LinxVue Golf GPS Watch - SkyGolf 360 specifications features

SkyCaddie LinxVue Golf GPS Watch Rangefinder - distance for layupPros

The LinxVue is extra-padded with features that can really help golfers improve their techniques, apart from the usual preloaded courses. Users can perfectly synchronize the gadget with their phones and in turn, see useful data in HD graphics, which will earn great points from other golfers. In addition, golfers are also treated to use a function called pin targeting, which allows users to shift the cursor location for a more exact distance to the hole.

All users need to do to get data is merely tap on the touchscreen and zero in to a particular hole. Users can also use the HoleVue feature by zooming it to get approximately 40 geographically referenced marks.

The Bluetooth technology is also a good addition to the device since users will be kept informed with the latest course updates. Furthermore, the Scorecard information on the device is uploaded wirelessly to the user’s My 360 personal performance locker in the SkyGolf 360 cloud. Once saved, users can view their routine from any sort of desktop or mobile gadget without reaching for a cable connection.

The device’s post-round game breakdown tools help users recognize their strong points and weaknesses through simple graphs and diagrams. A round timer is also included in the model so users can keep check on how much time it takes for them to round out 18 holes.

The SkyGolf GPS watch comes with a comprehensive quick start guide and with a limited warranty of 90 days. If you register within 30 days you can upgrade to 12 month of limited warranty.


The only disadvantage of this device is its price. It costs over 200 dollars, which can be pretty steep for those who are on a budget.

Final Verdict

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SkyCaddie LinxVue Golf GPS Watch Rangefinder - accurate distances

The unit’s cache of features is its major selling point, so if you are a golfer who would love something with so many features in one device, the model is a worthwhile investment. The LinxVue is now available in stores.