Spin It Easy Trek (GC1R) Electric Golf Cart Review

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Spin It Golf Products had a clear vision in mind with the Spin It Golf Easy Trek (GC1R) electric golf push cart: ease the burden of players of carrying their golf bags manually. Thus this Easy Trek GC1R model skips on the flashy specs that are often unnecessary price inflators and concentrates on delivering a reliable golf cart at the best price.

Spin It Golf Easy Trek (GC1R) Electric Golf Cart

Spin It Golf Products GC1R Easy Trek Remote Controlled Electric Golf Cart

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The Easy Trek (GC1R) electric golf trolley keeps its specs basic, giving you all you need to have a modern remote controlled caddy while keeping cost as minimal as possible.

  • Airless rubber tires
  • Dual 200W motors
  • 12V – 33AH SLA battery
  • Power-off free wheeling
  • Manufacturer: Spin It Golf Products, LLC
  • Manufacturer Reference GC1R-SLV
  • Product Weight: 55 pounds
  • Dimension: 34 x 24 x 14 inches (height x length x width)
Spin It Golf Products GC1R Easy Trek Remote Controlled Electric Golf Cart - specifications and features

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Spin It Golf Products GC1R Easy Trek Remote Controlled Electric Golf Cart - compact foldable


Most available electric golf push carts give you an overload of features. Some of the model trims would vary only in available colors or claims on materials used on bags and there would be big discrepancies in prices.

Some would upgrade to a newer model with some upgrade on a component that no one even understands about, again with higher prices. Some would even add holders of all kinds (umbrella, drink, phone or iPod holders) just to be different. They give us too many features we did not even know we needed. Ok, the umbrella holder is quite handy and is also added to this electric golf push cart.

But when we get down to it, what a golfer really needs is a trolley that would be able to carry the weight of his golf bag and clubs off his shoulders, have that trolley equipped with necessary functions and be ensured that the trolley is durable and reliable. These are the characteristics that the GC1R golf cart of Spin It Golf Products makes sure to deliver to its customers.

  • Strong reliable motors. Look at all other high priced electric golf carts in the market and most of them would give you the same kind of motors. At 200W, this trolley would give you the power you need to haul that golf equipment with ease through that whole golf course and back.
  • Long lasting batteries that could provide power game long. The cart uses special sealed lead acid batteries. The battery could last you up to a 36 hole game with no threat of shutting down. It needs 12 hours for a full charge.
  • Power-off freewheeling. This feature is very important. In cases of emergency or hard angles or if your trolley unexpectedly gets stuck in some muddy terrain, it is important that you could get the product to manually roll. That is, the wheels should be free to move even when the power is off. Otherwise, you would be stuck with no choice but to carry your trolley plus your equipment instead of being able to push and pull it manually on the course.
  • Wide variety of remote control functions. The trolley can go left, right, forward and importantly, backward! There are also a wide variety of pre-set speeds.
  • Product weight of 55 pounds is average in the market. Battery weighs at 25 pounds while the rest of the trolley frame clocks in 30 pounds.
  • Reasonable dimensions. At 34 x 24 x 14 inches, you have a cart that is tall enough but not too bulky to drive around or pack in your car.
  • Rheostat wheel handle. This is important in case you lose your remote control or want to directly maneuver the cart. All directions and speed controls are also available on the wheel handle.
Spin It Golf Products GC1R electric golf push cart - specifications overview
Spin It Golf Products GC1R electric golf push cart - folded compact


The biggest pro of the Spin It Golf Easy Trek (GC1R) Remote Control Electric Golf Trolley is the price. It is on average about $300 cheaper than other products in the market that offers just about the same features. This means that you get a lot of value for your money. In addition, the GC1R electric golf push cart with remote control also performs very well in the following:

  • The GC1R is easy to assemble. It is not rocket science to put together. It is also easy to fold and load into your car. The size of the cart is just right to carry your equipment and to be packed away when not in use.
  • Sustainable battery life. The first charge may seem to take a long time at half a day, but since you will not be able to fully drain the battery in just one game, your subsequent recharges would be faster. After 18 holes, you would only need around 5 hours to fully charge again.
  • Reliable and durable materials. Even with its low price, the quality of materials could last for years. The product comes with a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects.
  • Easy maneuverability. The controls on the cart and the remote are responsive and quick. The remote control is also synchronized right away. The steering on this trolley is superb, although a little calibration for the counterbalance for weight distribution on the front wheel could make this better. A tensioned steering assembly could have done a good trick.
  • Easy to adjust to the speed you want.
  • Good climbing power. This trolley has no problem going up 25 degree angles.


The problem is that the remote control has no pins or any way of attaching it to the golfer. Finding a place of where to put it is a problem, especially when you have already finished walking and about to start to play. There is a risk that the remote could be misplaced.

Using a strap to secure the bottom bag is also not good and could cause the bag to be dislodged and the trolley toppled during the game. Also more information on guidance on how to charge the special sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries would also be very useful.

Final Verdict

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Good value for your money. The GC1R Remote Control Electric Golf push cart strips the product to its basics to give the most reasonable price. If you need a golf trolley because of your back aches and you need a utility cart to ease you of the weight, this golf cart will do the job for you at a much cheaper price than other carts in the market.