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GolfBuddy Voice+ GPS Rangefinder Golf Watch Review

Below we review the GolfBuddy Voice+ golf GPS Watch. We personally tested this product and below you find an unbiased and detailed GolfBuddy Voice+ review. We also made a comparison to the previous version, analyzed the useful features and tell you why you should buy the GolfBuddy Voice + golf watch.

golfbuddy voice plus golf gps watchWhy you should buy the GolfBuddy Voice + golf GPS>>!

The GolfBuddy Voice + is a very functional and basic golf GPS device. It does what it promises to do and you will love it! GolfBuddy Voice + does a really good job calculating the distance from the golfer to the hole. Not a lot of extras but clear yardage reading right on. You will start using it just immediately it gets out of the packaging!

You simply need to, go to the golf course, turn it on, go to the 1st hole, and instantly get the hole distance. Awesome isn’t it? No fuss or waiting for uploads. Absolutely, simple to use and no programming for the different golf courses. 

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Description of GolfBuddy Voice + Features

The GolfBuddy Voice+ comes equipped with an enhanced set of features including a comfortable silicone wristband to provide the user with greater comfort and usability. Just press the button: Boom!, you get the hole number, distance to the back front and center of the green. The enhanced Voice+ unit measures only 1.7″x1.7″x.4″ and weights 0.99oz without the battery.

The Voice+ made by GolfBuddy spits out readings or the distance to the hole with just the press of a bottom. Integrated enhancements to the Voice+ software now enables the unit to display front, center and back distances directly on the main screen. This improvement will allow you to quickly reference the Voice+ visually or through its audio functionality. Don’t like the volume or voice distraction? Never mind, you can turn volume off or voice prompt.

This GolfBuddy golf gps watch has a clip on the back so you can clip it to your hat or belt or wherever you want. The golf buddy voice + can also be worn as a watch with the included wristband. It also shows the time so no need to carry any time device. All you need to do to get the time is: push the “p” button.

The GolfBuddy Voice + GPS announces automatically the hole you are playing at each tee box. Just depress the button to hear the yardage (front, center, and back). On a side note it can also track the distance of your shot so if you play with one of those “I drive the ball 400yds” guys you can bring them back to reality! It is easy to charge and you can read it in direct sunlight. For what it does, it is a great product. It’s comfortable to wear. You can get at least 18 holes on 1 charge. And for the next day, this golf watch charges in no time.

Our Recommendation for you>>!

This is absolutely good for beginners or someone who wants a simple device to perform basic function of measuring distance to the hole, center, back and front of green. You will not find anything better for this price.  It’s well worth it!

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GolfBuddy Voice+ Vs. GolfBuddy Voice

The GolfBuddy Voice + has more features than the GolfBuddy Voice. Unlike GolfBuddy Voice, you get a pre-mounted wristband; back, center, and front of green distance shows at a peep; battery capacity also increased to about 11 hours.

Quick Recap of Features

  • Voice activated Golf GPS
  • Over 36,000 preloaded worldwide courses
  • No Subscription fees ever
  • Size of 1.68”×1.68”×0.43” (inches)
  • Weight of 0.99oz (without battery)
  • Almost 11 hours battery life on GPS mode
  • Distances to green (center, front and back)
  • Auto Hole Recognition  and Auto coursegolfbuddy voice + wristband
  • Green View
  • Shot Distance Function
  • 8 languages available
  • Mono LCD display
  • 5 Control Bottom and 5 pin micro USB interface


Why you should buy it?

  • Light
  • Accurate
  • Very large database of courses
  • Use as a watch, hat clip or on your bag.
  • Tells time
  • Voice announcement
  • No subscription or annual fees


Why Not!

  • No user’s manual, only quick start guide.
  • Switches to the next hole prematurely when close (can be reset though)
  • No distance to hazard (you need a rangefinder for that)


What’s Included?

GolfBuddy GPS Watch

Data Cable

Wall Charger

Wrist band

Silicon Case

Quick Start Guide

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