Garmin Approach G8 Golf GPS Rangefinder Review

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Below we review Garmin Approach G8 golf GPS Rangefinder. We personally tested this product and below you find an unbiased and detailed description of the Approach G8 of Garmin. We also made comparison to the previous version, analyzed the useful features, and tell you why you should buy the Approach G8.

Garmin Approach G8 Golf GPS RangefinderWhy you should buy the Garmin Approach G8 golf GPS Rangefinder >>!

Garmin G8 is one of the utmost featured rich golf handheld GPS device. Garmin Approach G8 is durable and sleek. An integral feature of Approach G8 is its simplicity. Anytime you are lost or in another view, just a press of a bottom you are back to the hole or usual view (more simplicity). Other golf GPS device or watch makes this step much more difficult.

The back, middle and front yardages distances are always obvious and present. I still can’t believe how easy and responsive the touch screen is. The unit is so light that’s it is really easy to carry or clip to your pants pocket or hip. It’s so light that several times it didn’t feel like it was in my pocket.

The screen is very bright and readable in sunlight. It’s really easy to move from the measured distance, hole layout, layup points, greens, and score card area. This is a great GPS. Large screen, gives good distances, great battery life (we got three to four rounds out). Garmin Approach G8 is out of the box – ready to be used.

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Description of Garmin Approach G8 golf GPS Features

The Approach G8 comes preloaded with 38,000 global courses and of course free Wi-Fi update for life. This golf GPS device measures 2.1” x 4.4” x 0.6” inches and weighs 3.97oz (battery included). The rechargeable Lithium polymer battery gives you 15 hours of play for approximately 27 holes. Distances to the target can be adjusted for downhill or uphill shots. It comes with built in smart notification system to receive emails, texts and alerts right on your hand.

The G8 receives wireless signal from your iPhone® 4s or later, let’s you know you have a message, and displays the full text on its own screen whenever you’re ready to read it. The PinPointer tells you the direction to the pin, even if you’re so deep in the rough and you can’t see the flag. You can keep track of strokes for up to 4 players with the built in score cards. Use your device or computer to manage or review totals or an individual’s score throughout the round. Scoring options include Stroke Play, Skins Stableford, and Match Play with adjustable handicaps. When playing with less experienced golfing friends or family or on an unfamiliar golf course during holiday this device could come in very handy. Since it helps them to judge the distance and layout of the course, they will only have to focus on their swing and not on all the other miscellaneous issues. This device is very easy to use but to understand all the features you should read the operations manual (included).

One of the useful features is that you can easily find distance to any place on the course including hazards. Just tap on the hazard, green or trap and it will give you the distance to it. You can touch a spot on the screen with a tee to determine distance to a dogleg. The 3 inch sun clear, large screen gives you high-contrast graphics and the numbering improves G8’s readability. Layup arcs are drawn on the map to help you with your layup decisions. The G8 has a customizable Club selection features that recommends which club  is the best to use based on distance.

Our Recommendation for you>>!

We recommend the Approach G8 for those looking for a touch screen, handheld (clip-able) golf GPS unit with all the bells and whistle. This would be for the techie golf lover who likes or appreciate every feature in a golf GPS device or for a beginner who would like to focus on the golf swing instead of all the hazards etc.

Garmin Approach G8 golf Vs. Garmin Approach G7 and G6

The Approach G8 made by Garmin has more features, like Wi-Fi and larger screen size than G7. In comparison the G8 to G6, its better in the sun; the graphics are more detailed and the screen is bigger with 0.4 inches. Talking about features, the G8 is a better choice while for the money the G7 and G6. Garmin G8 and G7 both have Bluetooth.

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Quick Recap of Features – Garmin Approach G8

  • Wi-Fi Connectivity for uupdates
  • 38,000 World Courses Preloaded
  • No Subscription fees ever
  • Size of 2.1”×4.4”×0.6” (inches)
  • Weight of 3.97oz
  • 15 hours of battery life
  • Distances to green (center/ front/back)
  • Distance to any point including Hazard
  • Green View (Dynamic)
  • Touch Targeting
  • Big Number Mode
  • Smart Notification
  • Pin-Pointer
  • Capacitive Touch Screen Display
  • Club Selection
  • Built in Score Card


Why you should buy it?

  • Light
  • Accurate
  • Very large database of courses
  • Can hold or clip in your waist
  • No subscription or annual fees
  • Measures distance to any point including hazard
  • Tracks your score or records it
  • Good battery life
  • Touch screen and smart notification 

Why Not!

  • It doesn’t shut itself off. You have to remember to cut it off when you are finished.
  • It takes some time before it finds the satellites (turn it on a few minutes before your round starts) 

Whats Included

  • Approach G8 GPS device
  • USB cable
  • AC adapter
  • Belt clip
  • Manual  

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