Quality Golf Rangefinders Comparison

A golf rangefinder is one of the best golf gadgets you can get to enhance your game. A golf rangefinder lets you measure the distance between you and the next place or position on the golf course where you intend to hit and place the ball, and to any hazards that you would like to know the distance too. That way, this eases up your mind from the stress of estimating distance and instead lets you focus on your golf swing and the other strategic intricacies of the game.

With so many golf rangefinders offered on the market today, the question now is how to select which among them is the best golf rangefinder for you. In here, we are going to take a look at four capable and very competent rangefinders. Not only are their distance-measuring abilities precise and very accurate, but they also feature a number of other technologies which you are sure to admire and would want to make use of in enhancing your golf game.

Top Quality Golf Rangefinders

Take time to explore these four golf rangefinder models. They all do offer features and capabilities which are quite superior to other cheaper rangefinders offered on the market. You can use any of these rangefinders as a standard and comparison to other golf rangefinder options that are available currently.

  • Bushnell Tour X

Bushnell Tour X Laser Golf Rangefinder - tour approvedThe Bushnell Tour X has dimensions of about 1.5” width, about 3” in height, and a depth of 4”. The lens has a zooming capability of 6x magnification, but the focusing is not that adept. The distance measuring capability is quite amazing, from as near as 5 yards to as far as 1300 yards.

In fact, the Bushnell Tour X can measure as near as half a yard. The distances measured also adjust and compensate in situations where there is a slope, which you can toggle and enable with Exchange Technology.

The Bushnell Tour X lets you exchange its faceplates, enabling all of the features for use during practice and casual play while the other faceplate disables some of the features for legal tournament play. Bushnell’s signature Pinseeker and Jolt technology let you locate the digital marker pins in just a few seconds, prompting you when the pin is found with a friendly vibration.

The Bushnell Tour X also had Dual Display Technology, letting you switch display colors from the default black color to the more noticeable red display during well-lit times like during high noon.

The size of the Bushnell Tour X golf rangefinder is just enough to fit right into your hand. You can hold it very secured thanks to the rubber grip that is provided at the top and at the bottom. This same rubber grip also provides additional protection for unwanted shocks and bumps, as if the rangefinder should accidentally fall to the ground. The case is quite solid, with all the button and dials readily accessible and within reach of your fingers.

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  • Nikon Coolshot 80i VR

Nikon Coolshot 80i VR golf rangefinderThe Nikon Coolshot 80i VR has measurements of 3.9” by 1.9” by 3”, with a total weight of almost 8 ounces. This golf rangefinder makes use of Hyper Read technology which allows you to measure distances with accuracy levels of +/- 0.75 yards from distances of 700 yards. At distances of up to 1,000 yards, the accuracy level is still quite good at only +/- 1.25 yards.

With Locked On and First Target technology, this allows you to specifically select and zero in on certain objects on the golf course. A good example would be a particular tree or the flagpole on the green which is slightly obstructed by other objects.

The Nikon 80i VR zeroes in on the object by putting it into its crosshairs, giving you the appropriate distance yardage thus letting you focus on it for your current turn at hitting the golf ball.

One button operation lets you easily operate this rangefinder and makes it easy to be familiar with. Pressing and holding the power button lets you do continuous measurements, very useful in instances where you need to get the distances of several objects at one time.

It is lightweight and very durable plus it is also waterproof. This is very much important as there are times when you would want to continue playing golf despite the weather suddenly turns bad. The Nikon 80i VR also has a rubber grip which lets you maintain a solid grip on it, should it get wet while playing.

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  • Leupold GX-4ia2

Leupold GX-4i2 Digital Laser Golf RangefinderThe Leupold GX-4ia2 measures 3″ in width, almost 1.5″ in height, 4.2″ in depth, and a weight of almost 8 ounces. It has zooming capability of about 6 times and has a maximum range of 800 yards.

This golf rangefinder is pretty accurate at getting distances, capable of measuring up to less than a yard. With its Digitally Enhanced Accuracy engine and Pinhunter 2 Software, the Leupold GX-4ia2 is a very reliable rangefinder. Yardages can be measured in less than a second and are accurate even up to less than half a yard.

True Golf Range gives you excellent and realistic distances as this feature compensates for the altitude of the target and also your location together with other factors like temperature. Like most golf rangefinders, the Leupold GX-4ia2 has slope technology which automatically adjusts the yardage depending on the angle of elevation.

The casing is excellent in design and engineering and was nicely crafted and constructed to be lightweight to carry without sacrificing durability. The body is made of aerospace-grade aluminum, allowing it to withstand shocks and bumps even accidentally dropped. It is waterproof and also has Fog Mode, letting you measure distances with the same level of accuracy even under low visibility conditions.

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  • Bushnell Pro X7

Bushnell Pro X7 slope JOLT laser rangefinderThe Bushnell Pro X7 measures 3.7” in length, 5.1” in height, a depth of 1.7” and weighs about 12 ounces. The lens has a zooming capability of 7x magnification. It also has a dial that allows you to focus it, just like the ones used on a DSLR digital camera. Its distance-measuring capability can be as near as 5 yards to as far as 550 yards.

Bushnell does recommend the ideal measuring distance which is maximum of 300 yards, for best results. At distances of 125 yards and below, the Bushnell X7 is accurate at up to half a yard.

Bushnell’s signature measuring technology, Extreme Speed Precision or E.S.P. Technology, guarantees get fast and accurate readings in just a couple of seconds. This works best when used to locate and find back pins which you have digitally marked on the course. The Bushnell Pro X7 also has JOLT, which prompts you that you have located the pin or marker you are seeking through vibration.

The casing of the Bushnell Pro X7 is sturdy and durable yet also lightweight and soft to touch. One of the things that were improved is the battery cover which now is much better at holding itself in place. No matter how much you move, even wave, the Bushnell Pro X7 when you carry it around, the battery cover will not fall off. The edges were also improved and made to be textured. That way, it is easier to hold and secure this rangefinder in your hand.

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The Quality Golf Rangefinders Comparison

We now compare these models using different categories.

  • Price

Bushnell Tour V4 Shift Golf Rangefinder - Pinseeker with Jolt technologyMost higher quality golf rangefinders are in the $300 to $500 price range. Most never go below or above that. They would either be too affordable for comfort if going below those amounts or possess some technology so specific and special in order to justify that they be more expensive at this range.

In this group, the most affordable is the Bushnell Tour X while the most expensive golf rangefinder of these four is the Leupold GX-4i2. Those who are looking to get a rangefinder should always take note to say within this budget unless it is not a problem on your part to dish out the additional cash.

  • Features and Technologies

Nikon Coolshot 80i VR golf rangefinder - ID technology - slope adjusted distanceWhen it comes to technology, almost all rangefinders have somewhat parallel features with each other. That is because most golfers who use rangefinders, especially those who have been using them for years, prefer some feature or technology that should carry over in particular models.

Almost all rangefinders, including the four that are being reviewed here, have slope technology which is important whenever you are playing golf courses that have different elevations. Take note however that slope technology is not legal during tournament play. All four models here have slope technology that can be toggled on and off whenever necessary.

A particular feature that should be highlighted is vibration technology, which prompts the user that the flag or marker has been located by making the rangefinder vibrate. Not all golf rangefinders have a feature like this.

Both the Bushnell Pro X7 and the Tour X, make use of Jolt technology and therefore notify through vibrations to the users whenever the rangefinder has located the flag or marker.

The Nikon 80i VR, on the other hand, is quite different as instead of vibrations, it has what it is known as Locked-On Technology. It prompts the user that the marker has been located as a circle appears on the object which you would notice on the viewfinder.

  • Display

Bushnell Tour V4 golf range finder - distance to pin with pinseeker technologyWhen it comes to displays, these golf rangefinders are very much adept. The Bushnell Pro X7 has an excellent display thanks to its Vivid Display Technology. With it, the viewing on the field is crisp and clear. It also is not affected at all by glare from too much sunlight as the display is capable of adjusting its contrast, thereby letting you continue to read and view data clearly.

The Bushnell Tour X meanwhile is almost just as impressive with its Dual Display Technology. As mentioned earlier, this feature lets you toggle between standard black-colored characters and red-colored characters, depending on the time of day when you are playing golf and using this rangefinder. There are times when it is advised to go with a red display as this is more visible even in broad daylight, thereby letting you read and measure distances without any difficulty.

The real impressive rangefinder when it comes to the display is the Leupold GX-4i2. Its display makes use of Organic Light Emitting Diode or OLED, similar to that which is used in 21st-century digital television and also in cellular phones. This results in very vivid and clear viewing on the golf course as you zoom and survey objects and also lets you read clearly the measurement data captured by the Leupold GX-4i2.

  • Construction

Bushnell Tour X Laser Golf Rangefinder - comparison guideAll these golf rangefinders, as well as other models, are made of durable and quite tough materials that can withstand accidental shocks and bumps. Most rangefinders always have some form of a rubberized coating on their outer shell as most electronic devices are protected from accidental bangs with this.

What would make the construction of a rangefinder stand out is its ability to provide water and weather protection? And when it comes to a rangefinder that can provide protection from water, weather and other forms of moisture, it is the Bushnell Pro X7 and the Nikon Coolshot 80i VR that stand out.

Their waterproof shell and casing let you use them even during the time where there is a light drizzle ongoing. These rangefinders can also operate without any problem during early mornings, where cold fog might bring unwanted moisture on the surface.

Do evaluate carefully which of the four rangefinders you prefer to have and use on the golf course. All the four rangefinders are very capable when it comes to measuring distances accurately. The rate and speed at which their yardages are displayed differ by at most, a couple of seconds. They all have very durable constructions and cannot be damaged easily unless done deliberately.

These rangefinders really distinguish themselves in the electronic technologies and features they offer. Take time to evaluate and explore each, so as to truly understand how it can benefit your golf game. Afterward then, you can decide which is the right golf rangefinder for you.

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