Lofthouse ProNav X2 Golf GPS Watch Review

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If you are a golfer and you want to take notes of your techniques and further hone your game, then a GPS watch would certainly kick things up a notch. Using one can help you slash down your handicap. Just a year ago, the price for this particular technology has soared down, which makes it more affordable for golfers of all stripes.

The ProNav X2 is a tool that any golf enthusiast out there should try. It has thousands of preloaded worldwide courses and other nifty features but is it worth the budget price? Or do you need something that’s a bit more expensive but otherwise loaded with more features? We will soon find out.

Lofthouse ProNav X2 Golf GPS Watch

Lofthouse ProNav X2 Golf GPS Watch - distances to back center front green

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This is a stylish GPS unit and it is as straightforward as it gets. Designed like a compact sports watch, the unit was a breeze to wear because of its size. It boasts of advanced GPS technology, a Scorecard Interface, 30,000 Preloaded worldwide courses, and a one-year warranty. 

 Lofthouse ProNav X2 GPS Golf Watch - compared to Garmin Approach and Bushnell Neo Xs

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Lofthouse ProNav X2 GPS Golf Watch - score card Lofthouse ProNav X2 GPS Golf Watch - keep track of your score Lofthouse ProNav X2 GPS Golf Watch - play golf

Lofthouse ProNav X2 GPS Golf Watch - easy charging by clip


Lofthouse Golf Company is a firm, which specializes in assorted golfing goods like rangefinders, GPS watches and apparel. They have recently launched the ProNav X2, a convenient tool you can use to distinguish your course location or choose it the manual way by means of its preloaded courses.

One distinctive feature of the unit is of course its collection of 30,000 preloaded courses. The gadget will do its job and single out your position from a database packed full of golf courses found all over the globe.

Its advanced GPS technology lets users have knowledge of their accurate distance to the front, back and center of the course, or just about anywhere on the green. The gadget also includes a scorecard interface so you won’t have to tote along a yardage book with you the whole time, which can be bothersome. Keep your scores in the ProNav and the unit will save it for you plus you can also view your scores from earlier rounds for evaluation.


One good thing about the gadget was its easy-to-use feature. You can set it up then go on with your game because nothing’s worse than trying to figure out how a gadget works in the middle of a trying game.

It’s so simple to use; you just strap it on your wrist the minute you leave your house, then check the golf GPS watch in the course of the game. It will mechanically set itself for the course and ready itself to proceed to the initial hole.

Users are provided a range of yardages to the front, back and center of the course. One user claimed that because of the unit, he was able to make a faster game. The unit made him realize that he was using the wrong clubs and the device made him become conscious of errors in his club selection, which led potentially great shots into bad attempts.

The scorecard interface was also a neat idea. Users can save plenty of rounds in the device, which means no more lugging around notebooks and pencils to jot down your scores on. Go straight to the Handicap computer, make a few clicks and that’s it.

The device is backed with a 1-year warranty and it also comes with what the company offers as “100% Happy Golfer Guarantee.” The company is concerned with what you have to say on this particular product, so if you’re not satisfied with this model, you can return the device to the company and they will give you a refund without question for up to 30 days.

Other than its nice features, the model was well-made with a hard-wearing feel. However, the device’s convenience is what makes the model a must-try. It’s not actually the most affordable in the market, but as far as GPS watches go, with some even reaching the over 200-bucks mark, this is a great way to test out GPS technology if you’re a beginner.


It’s not really bursting with features unlike its more expensive counterparts of Garmin and GolfBuddy.

Final Verdict

Lofthouse ProNav X2 GPS Golf Watch - package included

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Once more, this is a helpful tool for golfers who would love to study their handicap. The thousands of worldwide preloaded courses will prove handy too if you get out of the country and try out other courses in one particular place.

Also, this is a nice gadget to try out if you’re new in the whole golf GPS watch thing. If you do not want to spend a mint on expensive models but want a few of the features that those pricey units have, then this device will do for you. Granted, it does not have the plush features of some of the well known branded models available in the market today, but it sure hits the spot because of its handiness.

The company’s Happy Golfer Guarantee is a big plus too, apart from the 1-year warranty. So if you need a budget golf GPS watch model that actually works, this model is for you.