Leupold PinCaddie 2 Golf range finder

Leupold PinCaddie 2 Golf Rangefinder Review

Golf laser rangefinders have the best accuracy when it goes down to the game. Everything you’d probably need during the game to know any distances – rangefinders deliver. When it comes to rangefinders, one of the most reputed names in the industry is Leupold. Its golf rangefinders are consistently well-rated among the best.

This laser rangefinder isn’t in the market to displace other laser rangefinders in the market, but rather a better rangefinder at the lower end of the market making it more attractive when it comes to price. The only question is, “Does Leupold PinCaddie 2 laser rangefinder deliver the same quality and great features despite its price?” Let’s find out.

Leupold PinCaddie 2 Golf Rangefinder

Leupold PinCaddie 2 Golf range finder

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Leupold has always been known to be a good manufacturer when it comes to golf accessories such as rangefinders. With its PinCaddie 2, the company took on a different route and instead delivers budget-friendly rangefinder without compromising quality.

Here’s some information you need to know about the PinCaddie 2 from Leopold:

  • Battery good for >5K Actuations
  • 600 yard range (reflective target)
  • 250 yard range (non-reflective target)
  • Yards/meters
  • USGA Legal
  • 23 mm Objective Aperture
  • Weatherproof
  • LCD Display
  • 1 year warranty
  • Dimensions: 3.6” x 2.9” x 1.4”
  • Weight: 6.3 ounces
  • Body Material: Advanced Polymer
Leupold PinCaddie 2 Golf laser rangefinder - from side
Leupold PinCaddie 2 Golf rangefinder - specifications and features


The PinCaddie 2 from Leupold doesn’t have all the good features you’d likely expect from Leupold products but it offers a different kind of menu. It doesn’t have aiming crosshair style option and Prism Lock.

Don’t be dismayed this laser rangefinder from Leupold is not flak. As mentioned, it offers a different menu and so, here are some of its best assets:

  • PinHunter Laser Technology. Just like its high-end laser rangefinders, the PinCaddie 2 has been equipped with Leupold’s PinHunter Laser Technology. This technology allows the player to receive accurate readings because it eliminates false readings brought about by background hazards such as trees and bushes.
  • 6x Magnification. This feature makes the PinCaddie 2 the best entry level rangefinder. Not only does it provide accurate readings, it also provides clearer perception making its closest competitor falling by few more notches.
  • Featherweight Construction. Leupold’s Caddie 2 is by far its lightest and smallest rangefinder. It’s easy on the hands, easy to use with simple functions and really lightweight.
  • It’s a Leupold product. When it comes to durability there’s really no question on how far this product can go. Leupold has a very good reputation in the rangefinders market. Although its plastic coated, it didn’t diminish its quality. In fact, Leupold made even a rugged rangefinder that can go about any weather and harsh handling.

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With all the facts laid down, the question still remains, “does it deliver quality performance?” For most customers who have bought and used the product, they were almost one in saying that the PinCaddie2 is perhaps one of the best laser rangefinders they ever had not only because of its price but also of its great performance.

Here’s a little rundown of the positive things about the Caddie 2 as pointed out by customers themselves:

  • It’s fast. While on course, a reliable and fast laser rangefinder will definitely give you the edge. With Leupold’s Caddie 2, customers were happy to have experienced its fastness when it comes to providing accurate ranges.
  • Very easy to use. Users only have to press once if they’ll target a specific spot and then hold it if they want to hit multiple targets. Comes with a comprehensive user’s manual. Switching from yards to meters is pretty savvy, too!
  • Well-designed case. Its good casing makes it easy for the users to get the unit from its sleeves and put it away after.
  • Battery Life is superb! The Pincaddie 2 says its battery can get >5k actuations and by that it simply means that it can shoot more than 7000 distances using only one battery. That’s a lot.
  • Budget-friendly price. Its budget-friendly pricing is probably one of the reasons why users absolutely love this rangefinder. Not everyone has to put great amount of money for a rangefinder and it’s really of great help if they find one product that can deliver exactly good results as with high-end rangefinders at a cheaper price.


The PinCaddie 2 from Leupold is an entry-level rangefinder which means that sophisticated features that you would expect from other Leupold products are not found here. Its lack of pin-scanning feature could make it quite difficult for the users with an unsteady hand to lock into a specific target. And although it does have a PinHunter technology, it only provides them the yardage number.

There’s no stabilization; hence, even on small hand movements the rangefinder magnifies 6x.

Final Verdict

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Leupold PinCaddie 2 Golf laser rangefinder - in package box

If you are looking for a rangefinder with a trusted brand, reliable features, quick response and budget-friendly price – then the Leupold PinCaddie 2 golf rangefinder is definitely a good buy – no doubt!

If you’re looking for a golf rangefinder with more advanced options, you might want to check out for the Leupold GX-3i2 or Leupold GX-4i2.