GolfBuddy CT2 golf GPS clip watch

GolfBuddy CT2 Golf GPS Watch Review

The GolfBuddy CT2 was specifically crafted to get rid of guesstimating distances on the green. It was designed to offer users dependable and precise yardages.

Golfers often find themselves presuming which club they will have to use based on guessing in place of a firm yardage like professionals do. The pros chart a whole course and bring along with them a yardage book in order to better their game but not everybody has actually the time (and patience) to do just that. Enter the CT2, a golf GPS that merges GPS categories; a watch plus a touchscreen and it claims to be precise too.

GolfBuddy CT2 Golf GPS Watch

GolfBuddy CT2 Golf GPS Watch - new - blue and green

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The CT2 is the latest GolfBuddy product to hit the GPS watch fold, and it is a pocket-sized unit, which comes with an adaptable design and is crammed with loads of the sport’s features. It has a first-rate battery, which promises a good 17 hours of play while in GPS mode.

The device has a compact, solid design. Other specifications include the following:

  • Dynamic green view with distance readings and pin placement
  • Distances to front, center and back of the course
  • Distances to hazards and layups
  • Digital scorecard
  • Automated course and hold recognition
  • Authorized for tournament play
  • Rechargeable battery that provides up to 17 hours of golf GPS
  • Time
  • GPS odometer
  • Up to 10 meters waterproof
GolfBuddy CT2 Golf GPS Watch - specifications and features
GolfBuddy CT2 Golf GPS Watch - distances to front:center:back of green


GolfBuddy is a company based in La Palma, California USA. It has a product development and course information management based in Korea, a country known for its cutting-edge, first-rate electronic inventions. It is a corporate partner of Europe’s PGAs, being the tournament’s official hand-held GPS rangefinder.

The company has a wide range of distancing measuring devices, and these products range from the hand-held units (PT4), wrist watches (WT5 and VT3), the tech GPS (BBS band), the laser rangefinder (LR5), the compact audio model (VS4) and the latest, the micro model which is the CT2.

The company has introduced compact GPS gadgets with innovative features like Voice and Voice+ models and this year, they launched the new CT2 GPS. The model is a pocket-sized unit with a compact design that includes a lanyard and you can easily clip the device anywhere you need to like shirt pockets, belts, towel rings down to golf bags.

It is small in size but big on features. You can compare this watch easily with other high quality golf GPS watches like the ones of Garmin, TomTom and Callaway. This model just weighs over an ounce but includes a high-quality battery which lets users go on longer golf games in GPS mode and it provides a variety of functions like Distances to front, center and back, distances to hazards, Dynamic Green View plus Pin Placement by way of the user’s perspective, automatic course and hole recognition, a digital scorecard, GPS tracking, odometer and a clock.

The model comes in two color combinations being white/green and white/blue. It has beyond 38,000 international courses that can be obtained for free. An annual subscription is not needed to access a single course.


GolfBuddy CT2 Golf GPS Watch - distances to hazardsUsing a golf GPS watch has huge benefits on familiar but even more on unfamiliar golf courses. The CT2 is packed with features that it’s proven handy and helpful to take along. The preloaded courses will help you determine the layout of each course.

The lanyard also proved to be quite convenient; you can wear the device round your neck for easier access and merely raise it up if you need some information. Users can also choose not to wear it; they can also clip it just about anywhere like golf bags or towel rings. You can get an optional golf cart mount to attach it firmly to your (electricgolf cart.

This is a gadget for golfers who need a compact, straightforward GPS gadget, which is easy to use, and at the same time, offer precise, dependable distances. Another plus point for the company is the fact that the company does not charge extra fees (as was the case with the preloaded international courses).

In addition, they are committed to providing golfers courses to help them make precise readings and create measuring gadgets for golf enthusiasts of all types and preferences.


While accuracy depends on the course and the signal, the exactness that the unit provides is really good. Using it on a variety of courses will make users get the best out of the model. Other than that, there is no visible troublesome attribute that one can complain about. The GolfBuddy CT2 comes with a comprehensive user’s manual as well.

Final Verdict

GolfBuddy CT2 golf GPS clip watch

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GolfBuddy is a trusted name in the golf industry, and they made another worthwhile product once more. You got to have faith in a company which makes the sport a priority, provides plenty of international course maps to offer users accuracy (and it is all free, which is an added plus). It is also the sole company, which provides players features like the Dynamic Green View, distances to hazards and round stats, among others.

Furthermore, this is a product that every golfer should include on his or her cache of gear. More information of the product can found on the company’s official website.