GolfBuddy LD2 Golf GPS Watch Review

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GolfBuddy has been in the golf scene long enough to recognize a golfer’s needs and thus innovative products were then made by the company in order to make players improve their game. This year, the brand once again launched an up-to-date unit in the form of the GolfBuddy LD2 golf GPS watch, strictly made for the ladies who love the sport.

It has a broad selection of newer features and trendy color motifs which makes it a sure winner for the women who have proven their worth in the field. Let us see what makes this spiffy new unit a knockout among female users.

GolfBuddy LD2 Golf GPS Watch

light sapphire Swarovski crystals

GolfBuddy Ladies LD2 Golf GPS Watch - improve your game

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  • 40,000 pre-loaded course capacity
  • 6-hour lithium-ion battery of golf play, 60 days in watch mode
  • Lightweight at 1.0 oz.
  • Measures 2.29″ X 1.18″ X 0.49″
  • 1.8″ display size
  • Waterproof for up to 10 meters
  • Distances to the front, center and back of the green
  • Distances to hazards
  • Light sapphire Swarovski crystals
  • Automated course and hole recognition
  • Score card

GolfBuddy Ladies LD2 Golf GPS Watch - style and light

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GolfBuddy Ladies LD2 Golf GPS Watch - features

Golf Buddy Ladies LD2 Golf GPS WatchFeatures

The golf industry is keen on making the sport more welcoming and exciting to the ladies and thus GolfBuddy has created something that will make the fairer sex more interested; the modern and chic LD2 golf GPS watch. It contains the brand’s first dual-shot feature which ascertains the distance of every shot that is struck for each hole in the course. The unit features exquisite Swarovski crystals lining the display screen.

There was a time when GPS watches made for the golf sport were too bulky for the female form thus the Golf Buddy company took this particular issue in mind while designing the ladies LD2 unit. The crystals are made with a pale sapphire tint to it which glimmers whenever the light hits, all accentuated by its slim white band. It has a conventional genuine leather watch band pattern thus it is switchable; users can match the band with the color of their outfits or gear or just opt for plain white which goes well with any hue.

This golf watch provides valuable information for every golfer. The primary screen in golf mode shows the back, center and front of the green and it also displays the hole number, left or right of the green is need be plus par data. The LD2 unit also makes distances to hazards available; the end of the hazard which is the top number and the beginning of the hazard, which is the bottom number, is shown on a screen with its accompanying icons. Users will get to see up to 11 hazards and targets that are accessible for each hole.

The Dual Shot Distance Management feature lets users track two shots individually, either by drive or approach or two shots at the same time. For example, you can keep track of a shot coming from the drive and your golf companion’s drive.

Once users have finished a game, the GolfBuddy LD2 watch will show an end of round sum-up or summary displaying both totals of the distance traveled and round times while they were at play.

In terms of functionality, the game promises to provide all of the crucial information you need within your fingertips. Users can shift from date and time towards golf mode with just one press on a push button. If you need hole and course recognition functions, you can instantly do so because both features are automatic and users won’t need to subscribe.

The Golf Buddy LD2 interface displays clear, readable font and lets users see the par and hole numbers with the front, center and back distances to the green feature. If you want to look at your shots, you can do so by pressing the center button to fix the shot measurement for one or two golfers. If you want to know more about the hazards, you can press the buttons and check distances from up to 11 for each hole.


  • Classy, dressy and good-looking GPS watch
  • Readable, bold font
  • Simple setup procedures (manual available)
  • Easy time settings
  • Thousands of available golf courses
  • Accurate
  • Lightweight


  • This unit is a bit pricey because of the beautiful Swarovski crystals

Final Verdict

Golf Buddy Ladies LD2 Golf GPS Watch - swarovski crystals

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Golf Buddy Ladies LD2 Golf GPS Watch - glass crystals

The Golf Buddy LD2, as described by users, is the prettiest golf GPS watch available in the industry. Female golfers have praised the unit, saying the design made the unit look like a genuine watch, even a bracelet because of the presence of striking Swarovski crystals. In addition, the digits on the display were easy to read and the fit it provides is comfortable and suits the female form’s wrists appropriately without the bulk.

Most importantly, the watch provided accurate data and has functionality in mind. The GolfBuddy LD2 golf GPS watch has all the features and specifications of the unisex models and provides all information that a golfer requires! This device is worth the splurge for all ladies who swing and enjoy the green.