Golf Bags Buying Guide

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If you are a golfer, you know you need a couple of great friends in the greens through the means of a set of clubs, a golf bag and probably a golf cart. Can you imagine yourself playing golf without any of these in this time and year?

If we are to talk about golfing necessities, the first ones on your list would be the clubs, balls, tees, and a golf bag. You can actually do and survive a full course with only these and some water to keep you hydrated of course. Maybe you want to take your golf rangefinder with you as well for assistance on the course. But can you guess which necessity actually holds of your golf things in? It is none other than your golf bag. There is a reason why golf bags are created and a very good one for that matter.

Golf bags allow golfers to perform at their best without having to worry about his/her things. It keeps everything safe. These bags, therefore, ultimately make your rounds more enjoyable. With the increasing variety of designs and styles of golf bags, some have begun using it more for showing off than for functionality. If you have been playing golf for quite some time and have taken the sport by heart, you know that golf bags are not merely an accessory.

Do you want to resist fatigue long enough to help you get through that nth hole? Get a worthy golf bag that has the capability to make the sport a more pleasurable experience and at the same time keep you organized most of the time.

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Different Types of Golf Bags

With the many available models and variations of golf bags, it can be pretty confusing. However, knowing the different types of golf bags to start with is every golfer’s ultimate weapon in finding that perfect golf bag depending on his/her needs and preferences.

You’ll need to go deeper than just the outside beauty of a golf bag. It has to be fully functional, serve your needs, and help you improve your game up to the simplest and littlest feature. Keep in mind that you will be carrying your own golf bag unless you are willing to pay a hefty amount for a caddy to follow your every move.

To help you choose better, here are the different types of golf bags that you will most likely encounter in the market shelves today:

  1. Titleist Lightweight Golf Staff BagGolf Staff Bags

This type is on top of the line as far as golf bags are concerned. These are the ones that are most commonly used by professionals for their tours. However, you can expect these to be way heavier and certainly with an heavier price tag.

Professional golfers do not really have a problem with the heavy weight since they are fortunate enough to have caddies follow them wherever they go. If you will notice, most staff bags usually came from sponsors and this is exactly the reason why you see their brand logos prominently displayed exteriorly.

Experts consider this type as the luxurious part of golfing. They have noticeable tour-worthy looks, generous storage, and of course, higher-quality materials. These bags weigh roughly around 10 pounds which is almost double the weight of ordinary golf bags.

  1. Callaway 2015 Chev Golf Cart Bag Blue - sideGolf Cart Bags

This type is considered the most practical golf bag. The golf cart bags are lightweight, a tad smaller than the staff bags, and easier to carry around. This makes it the suitable one for those who prefers riding carts, hence, the name.

While this still would not be the best option if you prefer to walk your way around the place, they still are remarkably lighter by a few pounds than the staff bags. Weighing around 6-7 pounds on an average, cart bags are lighter and easier to carry.

These bags are also carefully designed to have easy access to the bags pockets and come with straps so that one can strap it up to the back of riding carts without any problems. To prevent slipups, this commonly features a rubber or non-slip base which should prevent the golf bag from sliding off the cart.

  1. Nike Air Sport Lite Golf Stand BagGolf Stand Bags

This one is becoming more and more popular recently because of its practicality and efficiency. They come with a unique design of having one or more retractable legs which make the bag stand on its own while the user plays some golf.

This is the usual preference of golfers who frequently walk their way through the courses because it allows the bags to remain upright on turf as opposed to the staff and cart bags that would have to be used on flat surfaces.

Most of the stand bags that you will see in the market today come equipped with backpack-style shoulder straps. This would not be a problem since this type, in general, weighs less than the previous types we have mentioned above. In addition, you can find a plethora of ergonomic features with this type to ensure that the user would not have a hard time and/or be stressed.

  1. Sun Mountain Mens Sunday X-Strap Golf Carry BagGolf Carry Bags

This type is the lightest among the bunch weighing only around 2 pounds. However, the golf carry bags normally don’t fit a full set of clubs and have a light frame and often come without stands. The golf carry bags are meant to be carried and aren’t really suitable to fix them on a golf cart. This type is also referred to as “Sunday Bags” which are only ideal to those who do not always take a full set of clubs to either the course or the driving range.

Being specifically made up of light material, this is perfect for those who want to achieve being a minimalist even while in the greens. However, there still are a good number of pockets and dividers to make sure the insides of the bag remain as organized as possible.

The Other Things That You Need To Consider

Now that you know the different types of golf bags, it is time to proceed with the other things that you would still have to consider. If there are different types of golf bags, there also are different features that have proven of much importance overweight golfers. Check them out below:

  • Dividers

Callaway 2015 Chev Golf Cart Bag Charcoal - clubs dividerFrom zero to as much as 14 dividers, golf bags differ depending on the size and what they are trying to provide the golfer with. Basically, this works in dividing the opening of the bag which ensures that the golf clubs stay in place. These usually do not extend down to the bottom of the bag but there are selected golf bags today that do offer full-length dividers. If you should choose, go for the full-length dividers to ensure that the clubs would not be in mayhem near the bottom of the bag.

In choosing golf bags with dividers, one also must consider the grip sizes. If you have gotten clubs with midsize or jumbo grips, you might want to try putting it inside the dividers first and determine if it fits just right or you are going to have a frequent problem in getting it in and out.

If you do happen to have large putter grips, you have the option of getting a putter well which is a separate compartment specifically designed for large putter grips to prevent damages.

  • Pockets

TaylorMade Catalina Golf Cart Bag - side pocketsFrom one to even over a dozen, pockets are great for small golf stuff that you need to bring. These basically keep things organized inside the bag and if you can remember where you put it or they come in a mesh style, then the easier it would be for you to get the things that you need whenever out and about.

Pockets are great for extra golf balls and range finders. There also are apparel pocket which is specifically designed for storing extra apparel and a windbreaker if in case the weather suddenly changes, valuables pocket which are lined with soft fabric or velour to make sure the valuables are protected and would not be scratched, and beverage sleeve or pocket for holding your water bottle (some pockets are even insulated) to keep you hydrated.

  • Straps and Handles

Regardless if you are the type to carry or ride with a golf bag, you want to have the most comfortable straps and handles because you really never know when you would have to walk your way in and out the greens. There still are single strap carry systems amongst some golf bags today that are great for those who want to sling over the bags quickly. However, the weight of the bag is not evenly distributed in such which can cause back and shoulder strains.

Dual backpack-style straps are a better option if you are after even weight distribution. However, this would not be as easy to sling over to your shoulder as the single strap carry system.

  • Rain Hood

Yes this sounds quite simple but all the experienced golfers we know greatly appreciate this feature with their golf bags. Regardless if you are planning to purchase an entry-level golf bag or one that is known for its great quality, you need a rain hood or some sort of weather protection system so that your clubs and all other valuable golf stuff stay dry and protected from being damaged by the ever-changing weather.

  • Towel Loop or Ring

This is another small but important feature in golf bags. Most bags that you will see in the market shelves today have some kind of a towel holder. Golfers like this because it is where they hang the towels or rugs that they use to wipe the dirt off from their clubs before putting it inside the bag again. Through this way, you will be able to maintain not just the clubs but the interior of your golf bag as well.

All golfers need to have their own trusty golf bags that could literally make their time on the greens easier and more worthwhile. It helps keep things organized and offers the best way of golf club transportation. Know your needs and preferences and study this comprehensive guide that we have provided and you can surely properly decide on which golf bag to get you through more golfing adventures.