Clicgear Model 8.0 Golf Push Cart - overview

Clicgear Model 8.0 Golf Push Cart Review

Gone are the days when push carts used to bulky and unwieldy. Players of this sport long for a good play, and with this comes a need to have greater products that won’t put a crimp in their game.

The Clicgear Model 8.0 golf cart is one excellent example of innovation at work. Their 3-wheels made a big buzz in the golf biz, and now the Model 8 has been garnering plenty of raves too. The model is the company’s offering in the world of 4-wheels and in this article we are going to discuss why this certain product was highly recommended by golf enthusiasts all over.

Clicgear Model 8.0 Golf Push Cart

Clicgear Model 8.0 Golf Push Cart - all colors

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Clicgear Model 8.0 Golf Push Cart - storage options


If you are tired of the 3-wheel type, then this 4-wheel from Clicgear is worth a peek. It measures at 15″ x 17″ x 27” folded and weighs at 18.5 lbs. It comes in eight different color combinations.

Here are the specifications:

  • Patented 4FOLD Technology
  • V-SLIDE to CLOSE Assembly
  • Patented foot step guard
  • Patented adjustable tracking
  • Patented frame design
  • Dual front brakes
  • Lightweight, upkeep-free wheels
  • Sizable console (with magnetic closure and netting)
  • Easy-clip bag straps
  • Regular cup holder
  • Main lock slide handle
  • Umbrella clip
  • Dual accessory tabs
  • 2x 12-inch rear airless wheels
  • 2x 10-inch front airless wheels
  • Handle lock lever
  • Hand brake
  • Powder-coated tubing
Clicgear Model 8.0 Golf Push Cart - dimensions

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Clicgear Model 8.0 Golf Push Cart - folded


Clicgear is well-known in golfing circles as the go-to for world-class golf products. This time around, their entry in the 4-wheel golf cart division has made countless fans out of the Model 8. But is the model really excellent as what their purchasers claim? We will find out by inspecting the model’s primary features.

  • Appearance

The model is surely one of the best-looking pieces in the business. It was engineered to be tough and durable. It comes in a wider array of colors as well, a total of 8 color combinations so you can choose one that with your lucky colors on it or simply decide on something that best complements your style.

For the minimalist, there are black/charcoal color combinations and whites. For those who are more adventurous, there’s blue, orange and green for you.

  • Storage Capacity

This golf push cart includes a sizable console complete with a magnetic lid. There is enough room for your golfing sundries. Inside, there is an internal receptacle where you can store three golf balls.

Elastic bands are located on the console’s lid and the valuables tray. The former functions as some sort of holder for your scorecard while the latter can hold pens/pencils.

A sizable storage net is designed to extend beneath the console just before the bag’s top. It functions as storage for head covers and other gear. In fact, a lightweight jacket or windbreaker can fit inside it.

The right side of the console holds Velcro with a plastic clip on its end. It functions as a glove attachment while the clip is meant for the rangefinder. In addition, there is an elastic strap following the Velcro which is located beneath the console and functions as a clip or as a holder.

Storage for your tees come in the form of three holes situated amid the lid of the console and the handle of the cart.

The golf cart also features holders for your umbrella and cups (there are two). The umbrella holder is situated on the central frame and it stays put even when the model is gathered.

You can also add accessories to it by means of the model’s four accessory tabs.

  • Storing Mechanics

Folding and unfolding the model is easy and requires minimal effort. All you have to do to unfold is unlock the handlebar’s lock bar, position your feet firmly on the plastic portion with the word “Step” on it then raise the primary handle while raising the back of the cart in order to make the rear wheels spread into place.

The frame of this golf push cart model will then snap into place and with some minor adjustments on the handlebar to its proper height, you can now fasten the top of the bag and go straight to the course.

Unfolding it is even more straightforward. You raise the center handle then unlock it to attune the handlebar, step on the front wheel then press on to fold up the cart.

  • Handling

The golf cart has no joint front axle thus the wheels located in front can be freely arranged. Dragging, inefficient wheels can be corrected with just a few minor tweaks. The brakes’ lever are accessible; they are built on the model’s front handle. The front brakes can be set off by pulling on the brake lever.

Once the front wheels are kept locked, the model won’t have slim chances of rolling off track. You can easily move the model with the brakes turned on since the rear wheels are kept bolted. However, you might have to use a bit of force to set the brakes to work.


This Clicgear golf cart is stable and will stay out in one place. It passed the handling and rolling test and the dual front brakes with a single lever was convenient. In addition, you don’t need to exert much effort in order to fold and unfold the model.

As for looks, it appears sturdier and more durable than any other like product found in the market.


A few purchasers have noted that it was not the slim designed carry-bags friendly. This golf cart was quite heavy compared with other (3-wheeled) models. One reviewer stated that the plastic support for the bag was not sufficient enough and there is no lower strap found in the bottom of the bag, which might result into the bag falling out of its position on very uneven golf courses.

Final Verdict

Clicgear Model 8.0 Golf Push Cart - overview 

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If price is not a problem, the Model 8 is a keeper. It stays stable on the course and looks fierce at the same time, has first-rate quality and more importantly, is highly-functional. It’s not a low-priced golf push cart and golfers, both pros and beginners, will be pleased to own this awesome golf cart.