Callaway GPSync golf watch - performance and elegance

Callaway GPSync Golf Watch Review

Basically, a golf watch works to give the player accurate measurements of distances from his position to other areas of the course. However, most golf watches these days do more than giving merely distance measurements.

The Callaway GPSync golf watch, aside from being a reliable source of information during the game is also a handy partner as it can connect to smartphones, is equipped with odometer, shot distance measurement and automatic score tracking features.

Callaway GPSync Golf Watch

Callaway GPSync golf watch - performance and elegance

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How would you like a golf watch that is not only there as part of your total setup, but also to keep you well-paced with your most-love game? Well, that great combination isn’t unattainable as the Callaway GPSync golf watch gives you almost everything you need to hit more Pars through the great features of well calculated distances up front, center, and the back of the green, distances to hazards and doglegs.

  • 4 Golf Screen Modes: Play, Hazards, Shot Distance and Scorecard
  • Water Resistant
  • Battery: 220mAh Lithium Ion Polymer
  • Battery Life: When used during the game – 9 hours (2 rounds) / As a Watch: 90 Days
  • Odometer
  • Analog and digital time display
  • Time and date set automatically via satellite
Callaway GPSync Golf GPS Watch - 4 display screens
Callaway GPSync Golf GPS Watch - green display Callaway GPSync Golf GPS Watch - hazards display


With its small, lightweight and chic built, wearing a watch while playing golf will make your game an exciting one. It won’t disappoint you, really. Here are more of its features:

  • Preloaded with 30,000 Golf Courses Worldwide

The Callaway GPSync golf watch is equipped with lots of golf courses from different parts of the world. If in any case the golf course has undergone some changes, the user can dial up the manufacturer’s support center to do mapping request so they can map out the course.

  • Bluetooth Connectivity

The GPSync watch may be paired with an Android 4.4 or later smartphone or with an iPhone 4S up to the newest model. The GPSync App installed on your smartphone will allow the user to receive notifications on his watch should there be any text messages, emails or missed calls. This feature will also automatically upload the scorecard to the app.

  • Odometer

This golf watch from Callaway has a basic odometer that features the distance you have traveled in yards. This allows you to track your fitness activity even when you are not playing golf.

  • Digital or Analog Display

The Callaway watch doesn’t solely function for golf playing. It is a watch in the first place. With that, you can either have the time displayed digitally or as an analog face. It also has an alarm function with three different alarm times for you to set up.


Callaway GPSync Golf GPS Watch - on wristThe golf watch from Callaway garnered 5 stars out of 5 in customer reviews. With such good review rating, you can easily decipher what this product gives to its users. Here are the things you would love about the Callaway GPSync Golf watch.

  • Hazard Distance Measurement Accuracy

There are three hazards that this watch will display on the watch and may come out all at once. Each icon display represents the type of hazard. Also included in the display are the distances to reach the hazard and if you’ve gone off the hazard, the watch will automatically remove the icon. Time, Par for the hole and Hole number are also featured on the watch’s Hazard View.

  • User friendly interface

Users find the buttons and other functionalities of the watch very easy to learn and navigate. There are actually only four buttons for the user to get used to in this watch.

  • Some features may be adjusted

There are lots of the watch’s functions that allow you to personalize it. You can have the time be determined either manually or automatically through GPS, the unit of measurement, format of the date and time, the language to be used, how long will the backlight keep running and the sound it emits.

  • Syncing of Smartphone to the watch

Users can set the watch up to receive messages, emails and missed calls right on their GPS golf watch. This way, they don’t have to check their phone constantly especially during games.


Although this product received good customer reviews, this doesn’t guarantee that it won’t have its own flaws or features that need to be improved. Let’s look at some of the watch’s cons, first is that it is relatively expensive. The charging clip isn’t friendly to use, but may be snugly fit when practiced over time.

There is also no wall charger included in the package. If you have to charge your golf watch, you have to plug the USB cable to your computer. Of course you can get a special plug to charge into the wall socket.

The golf course updating program currently only works on Windows computers. So if you own a Mac, you can’t update the golf courses. This will be fixed soon.

Final Verdict

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Callaway GPSync golf watch - 30,000 courses loaded

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The Callaway GPSync Golf Watch is a great-looking watch. Not only is this watch a standout when it comes to looks, it also has lots of great features that are really of good help during your game. The big advantage compared to golf laser rangefinders is that you don’t have to take the device out of your golf bag each time but can just have a quick look on your wrist watch.