Callaway 2015 Chev Golf Cart Bag Black Charcoal White Blue Navy Red

Callaway 2015 Chev Golf Cart Bag Review

The new Callaway Chev cart bag is a lightweight cart bag with a great value. This new Chev cart bag comes with a 14-way divider top and a 2 full length pocket for apparel, giving you more storage. With a trendy design and efficient features, it is the most suitable bag for all golf players.

The 2015 Chev cart bag is not designed to be carried on the back. It is meant to fit well on the back of a cart or in a push cart. The Callaway Chev is typically bigger, has more slots for clubs, with a higher number of side and front pockets. You can also easily carry many other things that you usually do not want to carry on your back such as extra clothes, shoes, umbrella, drinks, etc.

Callaway 2015 Chev Golf Cart Bag

Callaway 2015 Chev Golf Cart Bag Black Charcoal White Blue Navy Red

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Callaway 2015 Chev Golf Cart Bag Blue


Do you rent a golf cart or push cart every time you play the game? If you are not fond of carrying a heavy bag for a few hours, then having to carry one across the 18 holes is definitely unacceptable. If this is the case, you should consider changing your old carry bag for a Callaway 2015 Chev golf cart bag.

The golf cart bag is actually a more compact version of a tour bag. Once again, this type of golf bag is designed to ride at the back of a cart. Its pockets are made for quick access as it sits on the cart. This Callaway bag is also ideal trips or special events. The following are its specifications:

  • Polyester material
  • 14-way Divider System for Club Organisation
  • Full Length Internal Club Dividers
  • E-Trolley Base System that Integrates with Many Push Carts/Trolleys
  • Comfort TechTM Single Strap
  • Integrated Easy Lift Handle
  • Molded Strap Bite Patch Secures Cart Strap to Bag
  • 6 Pockets total
  • Waterproof, velour-lined valuables pocket plus key fob
  • 2 Full Length Pockets for Apparel
  • Full Size Ball Pocket
  • 2 Accessory Pockets
  • Weight: 10 pounds
Callaway 2015 Chev Golf Cart Bag Charcoal - clubs divider Callaway 2015 Chev Golf Cart Bag White-Navy


If you like to ride the golf cart, it is best to look for a Callaway 2015 Chev golf cart bag. This bag is slightly bigger, and it fits on the golf cart. Given that size is not an issue right now, you would be glad that it has more storage compartments. The dividers are just perfect, if you like carrying so many clubs with you.

Below is more information about its features:

  • Pockets – This amazing cart bag comes with 6 functional pockets including a water proof, valuables pocket with key fob, 2 full length pockets that are great for keeping your extra clothes. The 2015 Chev also comes with a full size ball pocket, 2 mesh utility pockets, GPS device/golf rangefinder pocket, an insulated cooler pocket, and 2 accessory pockets.
  • Functionality – As far as functionality, this Callaway Chev does its job really well. You are going to get ample space to store every club that you need on the golf course, and also for the additional stuff that you might need such as a towel, hat, sunglasses and so on. You can actually put your own snacks in one of the pockets. You are literally not going to run out of storage space for whatever you may think of bringing along. After all, storage is one of the primary uses of a golf bag.
  • Quality – In terms of quality, Callaway does not let its users down. It is lightweight and definitely better than others. If you are searching for a bag that will not show any wear and tear easily, then it is the bag to suit your needs. It is made of lightweight materials but highly durable.

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With its size as a golf cart bag, the 2015 Callaway Chev is really perfect for your markers, clubs, tees and other things you will need in your game of golf. The bag by itself does not essentially have a direct connection to your score in the game.

However, it allows you to bring things that can make the game more fun and comfortable for you. This Chev golf cart bag is of high quality and certainly worth the money you will pay for it. It has a lot of storage but very light. Plus, the pockets are large. Moreover, this bag fits well if you have a push cart.


A few users of the Chev golf cart bag said that they wish there is a better strap to pick up the bag easily.

Final Verdict

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The Callaway brand has progressively acquired more popularity through the years, making them the best in the industry. The Callaway 2015 Chev golf cart bag is just a validation of how well the company makes the equipment. The bag is greatly improved in terms of quality, convenience and functionality. You really cannot deny what this golf bag has to offer to all the golfers out there.