Bushnell Tour V3 Standard Edition Golf Laser Rangefinder Review – Why Pro and Amateur Love’s it !

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Bushnell has a set a new standard for a complete golf laser rangefinder with an alluring design and better feature in its Tour V3 edition of golf laser rangefinder. The colour scheme of white, red and black makes Tour V3 flashier than the earlier editions. Bushnell has improved the Tour edition model by adding on the Jolt technology with the usual Pinseeker feature.

bushnell tour v3 standard edition golf rangefinder review

Tour V3, featuring the popular precision focused technology of Bushnell brand rangefinders, the Pinseeker, has been complemented by the additional feature of jolt technology. The Pinseeker mode enables the user to acquire the target easily without taking in account the background objects like trees that may have stronger signal strength. And the Jolt technology gives an indication for the completion of the Pinseeker process through a vibration. As in when the distance to the target is displayed on the LCD after detection of the flagstick, the Jolt technology helps the user to get an indication through a vibration.

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 A dimension of 1.6 x4.3 x 2.8 and weight of 6.6 ounce shows that Bushnell Tour V3 (standard Edition) is a lightweight compact device. The Bushnell Tour V3 S edition has a 5x magnification and multi coated optics. The 5x magnification displays distant targeted objects with clarity and detail covering. The instrument also has an adjustable eyepiece with plus or minus 2 Diopter adjustments for enabling focus on the target. The Multi coated optics ensures high light transmission for optimum resolution for clearer view of objects even during low light conditions. A tripod mount is molded at the bottom of the device for easy attachment to the cart mount accessory. The Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) of the device has indicators that specify the unit of measure being used in yards or meters.  The tour V3 also allows you to choose which targeting unit you prefer (yards or meters) and also switching on the Jolt technology through selective targeting modes.

 Bushnell correctly fixed the price of Tour V3 to boost its sales as was introduced at a lesser introductory price compared to Tour V2. Tour V3 has all the features of Tour V2 like comfort fit and feel and precision in performance of yardage measurement. By changing the colour scheme and the additional feature of Jolt technology further adds on to the advantages of Tour V3 over Tour v2.

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 This device is designed in a shape that fits the users hand perfectly and has good grip points that provide a comfortable form and feel. The tour certification of this line of Bushnell laser rangefinders makes it apt for the professional golf players.  Tour V3 comes with a carry case and is also equipped with a 3-volt alkaline battery installed. The devices are fully rainproof making it usable by the golfer suitable wet climatic condition. 

Quick Recap of the Features:

Optical  Coatings: Multi-Coated
Pinseeker with Jolt Technology
Ranging Accuracy: +/- 1 yard
Display: LCD
Size: 3.7x29x1 inches
Weight:  6.6 ounces.
Focus: +/-2 Diopter
Scan Mode
Magnification: 5x
Range: 10 – 1000 Yards
Dimension: 1.6 x4.3 x 2 (L x B x W) 


Trusted brand – Popular brand and Bestseller
Speed Score of 8.5/10
Best price for quality
Tournament Approved (Tour Certified)
Improved battery door / Post-Thread
Easy to use
Good ergonomic design 


Not water proof but rain proof (don’t deep in water or coffee spill) 

What should be included?

 Built-In Tripod   Mount
3-volt alkaline battery
Premium carrying case
Two year Warranty

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