Bushnell Neo Xs Golf GPS Watch - charcoal orange

Bushnell Neo Xs Golf GPS Watch Review

Being the world’s lightest and thinnest golf GPS today, the Bushnell Neo Xs GPS watch takes golfing onto a whole new technological level. For Bushnell, all they wanted was to deliver the next generation of distance in the simplest manner possible but for consumers and enthusiasts, they have without a doubt succeeded in so many ways than one.

It looks sporty and elegant yet it is lightweight and comfortable. It comes preloaded with more than 33,000 courses in more than 30 countries with auto recognition feature which basically means you can purchase this and immediately start using it wherever you are.

Bushnell Neo Xs Golf GPS Watch

Bushnell Neo Xs Golf GPS Watch - white charcoal black

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This golf watch doesnt cost much if to be compared to golf rangefinders or even designer watches (yes the Neo Xs looks very good as well) yet this Bushnell Neo Xs GPS watch comes with much more features that any golfer will surely appreciate. Accuracy is its forte including long distance measurements. Ease of use comes as its second forte as you can get the hang of this simple but effective watch in no time.

To know more about this Bushnell Neo Xs GPS watch, check out its detailed specifications below:

  • Preloaded with 33,000 courses
  • Ready to play out of the box
  • Tee Time Start
  • Auto GPS Off
  • Auto Hole Advance
  • Lightest and thinnest golf GPS watch
  • Easy front/center/back distances to the green
  • 5-Language Menu
  • Auto hole/course recognition
  • Preloaded Hazards (up to 4 per hole)
  • Shot Distance Calculator
  • Round Odometer
  • Comfortable Silicone Sports Band
  • Waterproof up to 10 meters
  • Scratch-resistant mineral crystal lens
  • Stopwatch
  • Alarm
  • Timer
  • One-button shot distance measurement
  • Long battery life of over approximately 3 rounds of golf or 16 hours
  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
  • Comes with Posi-Lock Clip
  • Adheres to USGA rules
  • 2-year battery life in watch mode only
  • Comes with USB charging/sync cable
  • Quick-start guide
  • Available in four different colors – black, black/yellow, white/blue, and charcoal/orange
  • One-Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Measures 45 x 14 x 63 mm
  • Weighs approximately 53 grams only
  • Thickness of 14.5 mm

Bushnell Neo Xs Golf GPS Watch - distance made simple Bushnell Neo Xs Golf GPS Watch - close up

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Are you used to GPS devices requiring some sort of membership fees in order to download updates and other maps? Well, the Bushnell Neo Xs Golf watch eliminates the need for those extra costs simply because it comes preloaded with more maps than any other GPS device has.

With a variety of golf watches increasing in the market shelves today, this Bushnell Neo Xs GPS watch manages to stand out not just because it is perfectly affordable but more so because of its wonderful features. With this golf GPS watch, Bushnell continues to push boundaries of innovation as far as wrist-watch GPS is concerned. After the success of the Neo-X, this model is even better reviewed. Check out the awesome features that this Bushnell Neo Xs GPS watch offers:

  • Different Modes

This Bushnell Neo Xs GPS watch come with three different modes – time, odometer, and play golf mode. The time mode basically displays the basic features of a watch – the time, date, and day. Time is set using the user’s GPS position. The odometer mode tracks speed, activity time, and distance traveled, which is used not just for track shot distance functionality but for other fitness activities as well.

  • All the Information you Need

The golf mode tracks all the information you would need while playing on 33,000 course all over the world. It will show you the current hole number, the distances to the front, center and back of the green, and the par information.

  • Simple to Operate

More than being the lightest and thinnest golf GPS watch available, this Bushnell Neo Xs GPS watch is simple to operate. This gives the user easy to read front/back/center measurements along with of course distance and hazard shots with more than 33,000 preloaded maps in this little but genius device.

To top its simplicity, consumers especially love how comfortable it feels on the wrist. It is actually a sports band which is also waterproof so that you would not have to worry about sudden drizzles and you are right in the middle of the course.

One thing you will appreciate about this GPS watch is the auto course recognition which allows users to easily find its course. In addition, there is also an auto hole advance feature which basically means that golfers do not have to touch the watch once a round starts as it automatically computes the distances.

  • More Battery Life

Do you know that the Bushnell Neo Xs golf GPS watch offers more battery life than any other GPS watch that is available in the market today? Yes, the battery can last for 24 months without ever needing to charge for as long as it stays on the watch mode only.

Play all you want in the course for as long as you can with a battery that can last longer than all of you. Do whatever you want on the course and get all the measurements you need without having to worry that you might have to cut the game short due to a dead battery. In fact, you can play up to three rounds without having to recharge.


With an excellent rating of 4.5 stars at Amazon after close to 600 real consumer reviews, this Bushnell Neo Xs GPS watch is an excellent product that many consumers are now choosing this over the more popular but steeply priced competitors.

People who have actually used this numerous times say that this product just keeps exceeding their expectations. However, one person says that he is having problems updating the courses. For this, you would always have to check Bushnell’s website for updates and tips.

Final Verdict

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Bushnell Neo Xs Golf GPS Watch - charcoal orange Bushnell Neo Xs Golf GPS Watch - white blue

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With its very practical price, the Bushnell Neo Xs GPS watch is without a doubt a great steal for golfers today. Battery charges quickly yet lasts long. Every single feature is easy to use yet it never fails to give accurate results. It even works absolutely great with users who have poor eyesight.

All in all, if you compare this golf watch to other golf watches, Bushnell has totally outdone themselves with this Bushnell Neo Xs GPS watch.