Bushnell Neo iON Golf GPS Watch - Distances to flag

Bushnell Neo iON Golf GPS Watch Review

Golf GPS devices are very useful to provide all users with precise distance measurements to hazards and the hole. They are extremely simple to use with a quick look on your wrist and make playing golf a lot more fun. The Bushnell Neo iON golf watch will let you focus more on the game and can help you lower your handicap too.

With the help of technology and latest innovations, golf GPS watches nowadays are even more convenient to use. In this post, we’ll get to review the latest GPS watch from Bushnell, the Neo iON golf GPS watch to help you see if it’s the golf watch for you.

Bushnell Neo iON Golf GPS Watch

Bushnell Neo iON Golf GPS Watch - Compared

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The Neo iON golf GPS watch is the latest golf watch product of Bushnell. It’s a watch made to last a long time and is one of the most modern GPS watches available on the market. It’s also one of the thinnest and stylish GPS watches you can find with a compact dimensions and weighs as light as 4.8 ounces.

Some other specifications of the Bushnell Neo iON are as follows:

  • Over 35,000 preloaded courses in more than 30 countries
  • Long battery life
  • Comfortable sports band with a dual injected silicone
  • Simple and very easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Auto course recognition
  • Auto hole advance
  • Easy-to-read distances on front, center, and back
  • Layup/hazard distances of up to 4 per hole
  • Shot distance calculator
  • Integrated step counter
  • Legal to use for tournament play
  • Sleek, comfortable design
  • Dual-shot measurement function
  • Easy-to-read display
  • Odometer
  • Charging clip
  • One year limited warranty
Bushnell Neo iON Golf GPS Watch - Specifications

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Bushnell Neo iON Golf GPS Watch - Distances to flag
Bushnell Neo iON Golf GPS Watch - course recognition and auto hole advance


The Neo iON golf watch is another innovation of Bushnell, an industry leader in producing high-performance and quality sports optics. For more than 60 years, Bushnell has been a leader in providing its consumers with night vision equipment, ultra HD binoculars, hunter and golf rangefinders, riflescopes, and even tactical products.

What makes the Bushnell Neo iON watch excellent is that it blends the classic functionality of a golf GPS perfectly without you worrying of an expensive price. The Neo iON watch provides users with accurate distances on the front, center, and back on clear display and also provides measurements of up to four layups or hazards.

Another good thing about this GPS watch is that it comes with more than 35,000 worth of preloaded courses in over 30 countries, which is an exceptional coverage to boot. There’s also the fact that the watch comes with easy reading display for front, center, and back yardage measurements and requires very little time for you to get used to since it’s very easy to use.

As a golf GPS watch, the Neo iON is equipped to automatically recognize courses and holes to help you with your shots. The integrated pedometer also allows users to track total activity time, distance, and speed throughout golf rounds. The watch’s long battery life also allows player to play as long as three rounds before another charge is due.

As a GPS rangefinder, the Neo iON is very simple to operate but very functional. It’s fashion-forward too with its sleek design. So far, the watch is Bushnell’s thinnest and lightest golf watch to date yet. In addition, the watchbands are also injected with more silicone so it feels very comfortable as you wear it and wouldn’t be too much of a burden for you to carry. The watch is also easier to charge using the more modern charging clip.


According to several consumers, one of the best aspects of the Bushnell Neo iON is its price point. At its price, Bushnell’s latest watch is a considerable watch that you can compare with other high-end and more sophisticated watches but without the expensive price. Aside from that, the watch is also sleeker and thinner than some other GPS watches in the market. The watch can also be used for three rounds of golf so it’s very good to use.

Others also commented on the good look and comfortable wear of the band. The improved battery life was also noted as a plus point. The quick process set up of about 15 minutes which includes the syncing of courses is also an advantage since no golfer would want to operate a GPS watch that takes hours to set up.


The Bushnell GPS watch would have been perfect except that not much extra information is given on the hazard/layup feature of the Neo iON. The lack of the additional hazard information is one big disadvantage because some users would like to know just how much this feature works.

Final Verdict

Bushnell Neo iON Golf GPS Watch - preloaded 35000 golf courses

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Bushnell Neo iON Golf GPS Watch - Distances to hazards

As one of the leading manufacturers of equipment for anything golf, the Bushnell Neo iON golf watch is definitely a fit device for professional and newbie golf players. It’s very quick to set up, easy to use, and also comes with an affordable tag price compared to other more expensive golf GPS watches.

All in all, the Neo iON is worth considering if you want a budget GPS watch with all the functionality that you need when you play golf and improve your handicap.