Breaking 80 Laser Rangefinder with FlagSeeker Review

For most golfers, a golf rangefinder is a helpful accessory that helps them to eliminate yardage guessing. It assists them to hone their skills and be familiar with the course, which over time will help every golfer to familiarize the in’s and out’s of the game of golf.

Breaking 80 Laser Range Finder has been listed to be one of the best selling golf rangefinder because of the advanced technologies it features making golf a more exciting game to play. Among this Breaking 80 rangefinder’s highlight is its Intelliscan technology that allows the player to quickly determine the yardage for a more accurate swing.

Breaking 80 Laser Rangefinder with FlagSeeker

Breaking 80 Laser Golf Rangefinder - black red orange

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The Breaking 80 rangefinder gives one the ability to project distances as far as 400 yards, making yardage and pointing unto next target just a piece of cake! There actually are more than what this rangefinder can do with its state-of-the-art technology, golfing has never been this easy and fun.

Here are more of the rangefinder’s specifications:

  • Intelliscan technology
  • Pinsensor
  • Adjustable High-quality 6x monocular with multilayer coating for bright, clear images
  • 3rd Generation Pin Sensor Technology
  • 8 Second Continuous Scan Mode
  • +/- 1 yard
  • 6x magnification and a 24mm objective
  • Small, Lightweight and Easy to Hold
  • Free CR2 3V Battery and Case included
  • Water Resistant Construction
  • Legal for tournament play


Amazon is selling the Breaking 80 for a lot less than its original price giving golfers and enthusiasts who are looking for a quality rangefinder at a price they can afford the best buy. Aside from the lesser amount, the Breaking 80 rangefinder offers them into two ranges: 400M and 600M.

Below are some more of the good features of the Breaking 80 Laser Range Finder:

  • PinSensor 3

Breaking 80 has been equipped with the latest PinSensor Technology that provides accurate measurement especially on overlapping targets. Its First Target Priority feature showcases the distance of one’s nearest subject.

  • Long Measurement Range

This rangefinder from Breaking 80 is capable of giving you accurate measurement of distances as far as 400 yards away!

  • High Quality 6x Monocular with Multilayer Coating

One would perceive that a measurement as far as 400 yards away will give you an unclear image, given the distance. But that doesn’t seem to be true with the Breaking 80 as it still provides images as vivid as though they are just few feet away from you.

  • Intelliscan Technology

With this technology, this rangefinder is able to provide you with distances it reads from the different objects it gets unto its radar. One would just simply set the rangefinder to Scan Mode to easily receive such accurate measurements.

Breaking 80 Laser Golf Rangefinder with PenSensor 3 Advanced FlagSeeker & InteliScan Technology - side

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Breaking 80 golf rangefinder - best in class


There is considerably good number of positive reviews this product has been receiving from its satisfied customers. Here’s a sum of the positive feedbacks of the Breaking 80:

  • Compact Design

A lot of reviewers were delighted that a rangefinder as compact as the Breaking 80 is available in the market. Though this rangefinder is smaller as compared to those of the more expensive ones, this doesn’t delimit the many technologies it offers to the user.

  • Accurate Measurement

Most of the reviewers compared this rangefinder to the expensive ones, especially on its ability to provide accurate measurements and surprisingly the Breaking 80 delivered as close or even the same as with the expensive rangefinders.

  • Easy to Use

The Breaking 80 rangefinder consumers didn’t have a hard time using the product; even it was their first time to use it. The interface is concise and user-friendly so there’s really no need to put much time on learning its functionalities.

  • Affordable Price

Rangefinders with features like the Breaking 80, will usually have prices more than what this rangefinder is offering. That is why most of its consumers were more than satisfied because they already have everything they wanted for a rangefinder at an absolutely affordable price. This golf rangefinder is very much comparable to the Lofthouse ProScope 400x.


The Breaking 80 has a few of “not-so-satisfied” customers as well as a lot of raving reviews from previous buyers. Here are some of the helpful critical reviews from Amazon.

It’s hard to keep it still. Most of the consumers find the product to be hard to stabilize. They can’t keep or will have to give more time in keeping the device steady whenever they try to focus on the flag or the ball.

Just as what most consumers spoke of this product about being accurate, there were some of them who also find the product to be inaccurate in giving out distance readings.

Final Verdict

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Breaking 80 Laser Golf Rangefinder with PenSensor 3 Advanced FlagSeeker & InteliScan Technology Breaking 80 Laser Golf Rangefinder with PenSensor 3 Advanced FlagSeeker & InteliScan Technology - orange side

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In conclusion, the Breaking 80 Laser Range Finder that comes with IntelliScan and Advanced FlagSeeker technologies is a safe bet especially for those who are seeking for a rangefinder who wants to have some of the advances in rangefinder technology at an affordable price. It’s a great companion on the green for both newbies and veterans.