Bat-Caddy X4R-Li Lithium Electric Golf Cart Review

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No personal caddy? No problem. The Bat-Caddy X4R-Li Electric Golf Trolley would be your perfect companion this weekend stroll on the golf course. This caddy can bring your clubs, umbrella, drinks and scorecards while literally carrying its own weight.

As reliable as a personal assistant, this remote controlled electric motorized golf cart would make sure you would not get muscle pains again from lugging your golf equipment through 18 holes.

Bat-Caddy X4R-Li Lithium Remote Control Electric Golf Cart

Bat Caddy X4R Lithium Remote Control Electric Golf Trolley

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Bat Caddy X4R Lithium Remote Control Electric Golf Cart - close upSpecifications

With comfort and relaxation in mind, the Bat-Caddy developed its X4R-Li electric golf cart model. Bat Caddy recognizes that the weight of the golf equipment is the main motivator for acquiring an electric trolley, and it does not want to further add to that weight. Thus, the X4R-Li golf caddy endeavored to minimize its weight at 24 lbs. (11 kg) by utilizing frames made up lightweight aluminum.

The X4R-Li is also easy to pack and unpack. It could be easily expanded and assembled from a one piece two-click fold design in just two steps. Its 33 x 21 x 10 inch folded dimension is relatively smaller than other electric caddies, making it an easy fit in the car trunk.

Other agreeable design specs of this electric golf trolley are as follows:

  • Wide-ranging remote control (covering 80-120 Yards)
  • Easy to navigate, with on and off button
  • Manual Rheostat Control
  • Available direction: Forward, sideways and reverse; Could be manually free-wheeled even when powered off
  • Powered by two 200 Watt 12 V DC Electric motors
  • 2 independent transmissions
  • Lithium Ion Batteries at 12V at 6 Lbs, average lifetime at 300 charges with 4-6 hours charging time
  • Charger at 110-240V AC
  • Moves up to 6.0 miles/hour (9.6 km/hour)
  • Can last up to a distance of 27+ Holes or 6-8 Hours
  • Made up of a frame using aluminum & stainless Steel with bag support utilizing aluminum
  • Available in Oxidized Silver

Bat Caddy X4R Lithium Remote Control Electric Golf Cart - folding up to compact size

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Bat Caddy X4R Lithium Remote Control Electric Golf Trolley - close up wheelsFeatures

We take to the sports of golf for a lot of reasons. Sometimes for competition, maybe for camaraderie, frequently for socializing, networking or discussing business deals, often for recreation and habitually for exercise. But with the heavy weight of golf clubs and balls, we are more at risk of shoulder and back pains that are not from swinging our golf clubs.

Even if we don’t have personal caddies, either because of golf club inadequacies or for our own practical reasons, it is still not sensible to drag our golf sets through a 60 hectare 18-hole. Manual trolleys can lighten the burden, but the uneven terrain of the course would still require the exertion of too much effort that would be of better use on concentrating and aiming for holes.

That is why the advent of electric carts definitely sealed our independence and leisure on the field. After all, our golf sets should be treasured toys, not burdens, and our games should be relaxed and not marred by sore muscles from lugging our equipment.

And the X4R-Li Lithium golf cart is not just any other motorized caddy. The following features set it apart from the rest:

  • The lightness takes pressure off the electric motor and assists in stabilizing the Bat Caddy in uphill angles. The light weight allows for more useful items to fill the full load of 77 lbs. The aluminum alloy is also durable while being less bulky, allowing for a lean look. Talking about quality of material, stainless steel is used in critical parts like gear box, motor housing and axles.
  • We would not want any breakdowns during the game so the Bat-Caddy X4R-Li offer reliable dual motors. Manufactured at ISO 9000 Quality Standards, the Bat-Caddy provides assurance that this electric trolley will not bug down.

Bat Caddy X4R Lithium Remote Control Electric Golf Cart - close upShift in speeds are regulated by a torque mechanism, avoiding sudden jumps or motor failures. Testing also showed smooth turning and good traction even for wet slopes. Aesthetics are also contemplated and the motors are neatly hidden with low noise emissions.

  • The X4R-Li electric golf cart has a climbing ability of up to 30 degrees. The anti-tip assembly helps steadying the caddy in steep ascents. The rear wheels have wide diameter at 11.5 inches and have magnesium reams. The front wheels have tracking adjustments.

Front and back wheels are airless and made of rubberized thread. The rubber is thick at 0.75 inches, curtailing impact of rough surfaces. They are also abrasion resistant, allowing for longer use.

  • Running out of power while on the course is such a hassle. This is solved by the dependable Lithium-Ion battery that can last 6 to 8 hours (approximately 27 holes). The lightness of the frame and the battery makes sure that the power charge is efficiently used and consumption for drag is minimised.
  • Bat Caddy also makes navigating the remote control easy. Since the focus should be on the game and not on figuring out how to run the electric cart, the X4R-Li’s multi-function remote control is simple to operate, allowing the user to find, understand and take full advantage of the features of the Bat-Caddy. It has easy to locate the On/Off buttons. The directional control is straightforward, controlling speed and acceleration is uncomplicated, and the stopping/braking button is very responsive. All the functions are clearly explained in the user’s manual.

Bat Caddy X4R Lithium Remote Control Electric Golf Caddy - folded up to compact sizeIn fact, remote to caddy response time is fast. Cruise control retains speed adjustment, eliminating redundant speed setting every break. Plus, the small remote control also has a power and battery charge indicator so we’ll know how much charge we still have.

  • The X4R-Li offers what is a usual constraint in other electric caddies: the REVERSE function. This adds so much comfort for the navigator, as manual turning around of the caddie toward the desired direction could now be sidestepped.
  • The speed adjustment is also controllable on the handle with manual rheostat control. The maneuverability is not gone with a drained battery. Full range of motion is available at manual mode unlike other golf carts where the wheels will not turn anymore or the sideways functions are lost.


Weight, durability, maneuverability, long battery span, long range, effortless setting up and storage, and a cool, slick look are all combined to give value for money for golf enthusiasts.


In our opinion accessories like the scorecard, umbrella and beverage holders should be staples and free. On such an expensive trolley this should be included although not every golfer might need it.

Final Verdict

 Bat Caddy X4R Lithium Remote Control Electric Golf Caddy

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Bat Caddy X4R Lithium Remote Control Electric Golf Caddy - close up front wheelThe X4R-Li electric golf cart combines all the best features in the market right now, allowing us to keep our focus on the game, impress our friends, help seal that business deal and maximize our exercise benefits without headache or strained muscles.