Bag Boy C3 Golf Push Cart Black

Bag Boy C3 Golf Push Cart Review

The Bag Boy C3 golf push cart is a model that was praised for its simplicity, functionality and durability. It is really a push cart that makes a difference on the golf course! Find in our review the features and functions of this golf cart and see if it’s what you need.

Bag Boy C3 Golf Push Cart

Bag Boy C3 Golf Push Cart with golf bag

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The Bag Boy C3 has an extra-wide, robust frame with a straightforward three-step fold for efficient storing. It also has a one-handle adjustment which can put up with golf enthusiasts of every height. It is also has a stand and cart bag-friendly upper bag bracket with changeable support arms.

The C3 golf push cart measures at 21.5” x 13” x 18” folded and weighs at 15 lbs. It comes in black, silver and white colors.

Other specifications include the following:

  • Large storage bag
  • Integrated beverage holder
  • Long-lasting handlebar grip
  • Umbrella holder
  • Tee and ball marker holder
  • Lightweight, dense foam tires

Bag Boy C3 Golf Push Cart Silver Bag Boy C3 Golf Push Cart Black Bag Boy C3 Golf Push Cart White

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Bag Boy C3 Golf Push Cart Compact Folded up


The Bag Boy Company has been manufacturing innovative golf bags, push carts and golf accessories since 1946. Their products have been used by pros the world over and some of their model carts have won awards in recent years.

One such esteemed product from the brand’s range is the Bag Boy C3. As mentioned earlier, it was laden with praise by golfers who have purchased the product. Here are the features consumers have loved about it.

  • Great design

The design was well thought out since it features a sizable compartment on top for everything you need on the golf course like a golf range finder or golf GPS device.

It can also store your personal effects like sunglasses, wallet and keys. It even has a beverage and umbrella holder, which is another plus.

  • Compact and can be folded up without much effort

Older push carts aren’t adjustable because it has seats designed in them so the newer crop of push carts offer plenty of benefits in terms of ease of use.

A great model of this product should be foldable at best because of all the trekking a golfer has to do on the green. Product design also varies; several models might be easy to transport and use, while some might not be that accessible. Luckily, the Bag Boy C3 falls into the former.

  • Keeps golf bags stable

The bag stays in place without budging, even on bumpy ground. This factor is important because golfers carry heavy equipment throughout every game. As stated before, the product has an upper bag bracket with adjustable support arms thus it is bag-friendly. It also has notches in the upper holder which can house a stand bag’s legs.

  • Good brakes with hold function

The Bag Boy push cart includes a brake that works well. Not every golf push cart available in the market feature braking mechanisms. The brake’s main function is to keep the cart in place particularly if set down on a slope.

Also, there are golf courses which are not built on flat terrain. Several courses are situated in bumpy places therefore a golfer is sometimes required to drive the trolley downhill. And because of all the weight (heavy clubs, personal effects and various other gear inside your bag), the cart will be heavier than usual.

Brakes are a heaven-sent in those situations. It can help golfers in decelerating their baggage while going downwards on inclines.

  • Maneuvres easily and is stable

The wheels of this C3 push cart from Bag Boy runs smoothly plus it also has a nicely-designed handle which makes gripping and steering the model almost hassle-free. A strong handle that’s almost effortless to grasp enhances handling and it makes golfers on top of things.

The wheels of this golf push cart are big enough to handle navigating both even and bumpy terrain. This is always crucial since it will prevent fatigue; thereby you will enjoy and focus on your game more.


Many reviewers have stated that the Bag Boy C3 was compact and it can be folded up easily without any tool needed. From the car down to the course in a matter of minutes without any hassles at all, this model is for pros and beginners alike.

The model is also lightweight, which is a plus considering golfers have to tote plenty of gear around while walking.

It was also easy to use and maneuver. It stays put in one place, and so will your bag. Consumers who loved the product also praised the model for its steering capabilities and the engineering of the wheels/tires.

Several reviewers also gave the cart’s inclusion of additional holders for the beverage, umbrella and tee and ball markers. That way, they do not have to open their bags during the game in case they need any of those things.


There were only a few complaints and most were just minor issues which can be tolerated or easily given solutions but one reviewer said that the placement of the cup holder was a drawback.

Final Verdict

 Bag Boy C3 Golf Push Cart Black Folding details

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Investing on your own pushcart will definitely benefit you in the long run. You’ll save enough money and get more exercise that way. The Bag Boy C3 is a great investment if you want to own one. It is a worthy substitute to the brand’s other highly-esteemed cart, the Tri Swivel, but at a lower price point.

Golfers need to take trips around the green, and the whole time it means there are fees to be dealt with. The golf range is a wide area, thus in order to travel from one place to another (while carrying a heavy golf bag, at that), one has to rent or bring your own motorized golf cart or go for the push and pull type.

The rental fees for an electric golf cart can vary and at times it can pretty much cost a lot so some golfers prefer to cut costs and opt for the push and pull kind. There are also golfers who prefer to not hack the whole rental thing and just invest on a push cart. They not only save up in terms of rental fees, they get tremendous exercise too while trudging the course.